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Rankings !! Updated 6-11-2001

Guest Peanuthead
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Guest Peanuthead

Here they are !! Geocacher Rankings, by number of caches found, as of 6-11-2001.

This list will be updated weekly. If you know of someone that has been missed, leave

their handle and a cache they have been to, and upon verification it will be added.




erik 109

wtmrn 101

Gumby & Pokey 92

GLNash 92

denali 87

JoA 77

KF Quad Explorer 63

bent_twigs 63

erik881-r 59

Hasbro 57

AndiM 52

Daviskw 49

Moun10Bike 48

bunkerdave 47

Hillwilly 47

HFJohn 46

Wit Camp 44

hunt4elk 44

Bufford 42

metro 41

Buxley 40

deuce 40


compiled by



June 11th, 2001.

this list is compiled

weekly and posted at www.delphi.com/geocachingstats


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Guest Markwell

Where did you compile this list? I know at least two people that aren't on here from the Chicagoland area.


I'm also concerned that this kind of list inspires an attitude of "Gotta find one to be on top of the list" - just human nature. If these experienced Geocachers spend all of their time racing to see who will be at the top of the list, they won't have time to plant.


Just observations.

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Guest rusty

Gee isn't that just snazzy. How many of those are in California or the northwest where you have a cache on every corner? If you live in N.Dakota and find 10 you would be doing pretty dadgum good. Here in Michigan it's a bit better but still less than 60 in the whole state and it would be about a 12 hour drive between the farthest ones.


We don't need this kind of thing, if you can't handicap the rankings for regional variations don't waste the time.


Sorry for the rant but I absolutely, flat out, do not like statistics when they are skewed and meaningless. In a worldwide context these stats are worthless.


I also do not see any need to rank a non-competitive sport.



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Guest Artful Dodger

I have no problem with these statistics. In a way - it only emphasizes the enthusiasm and popularity of this growing sport/activity.


Each to their own and if there are some out there that have a lot of Caches found - all the best for them! I enjoy the sport, at my own pace and I am not intimidated by the results of others.


I also believe that those people on that list aren't competing against each other but rather feeding their own enthusiasm and sense of adventure to seek out the caches.


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Guest madphishmonger

Man, I thought I complained alot!


If you don't like the stats that PeanutHead has compiled for us, don't read them! Why is it that people are so quick to want to supress information on this site, I've never seen anything like it...


Good job PeanutHead, very cool.

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Guest Lazyboy

Good job peanuthead. I can't believe the whiners that come here. This is for fun, there isn't a championship, it just shows who is out there spending lots of time geocaching. AND you know why we have so many geocaches in the northwest??? Because of people like those on this list. When I first started a short time ago I saw how many caches we had and I knew I wanted to do this. Thanks to all you active guys for spearheading this activity.

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Guest daviskw

Seven of those people are from around St. Louis. In my area code of 63122 there are 101 caches as of today. What is wrong with searching for them. Most of those people have hidden many caches and are just having fun, why worry with the reason they are finding so many....just enjoy!!

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Guest bunkerdave

It's refreshing to see people saying "to hell with what is 'PC'" and all that garbage.


I have often wondered if there were any others as psycho on this game as I am. Now I know I'm not alone. While we're at it, let's see some data on caches placed, shall we?

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Guest barefoot

Right on, Peanuthead!

I dig the stats. A little friendly competition, if you choose to view it that way, never hurt anyone but a bad sport. I noticed that at least two of the cachers are from my neck of the woods. Hmmmm... A warning to Buxley and Hasbro: Watch out! I might attempt to cripple your GPS units if you show up at the get-together on June 23. Just a friendly warning. icon_wink.gif


I don't think the rankings will foster competition to the point where people will forego placing caches on a weekend because they need to work on improving their stats. While I've only been doing this a couple of months and have yet to place a cache, part of the fun is the construction and placement of the "perfect" cache (er, the part I'm doing mentally right now). Like all of you, I've experienced some fantastic caches because of their location and contents...and some real bummers, too. I think this is where the real bragging rights are to be had. As an example, I've know Buxley's name for a while not because of the number of caches he's found or because of his maps, but because he's placed a series of kick-*** caches locally (mostly). That's the kind of reputation I want and hope to achieve.

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Guest Lazyboy

Originally posted by suntzu:

This is just one more reason I'm embarrased for this whole game.


How on earth can this embarrass you? Afraid of bad press???? Sheesh, go find a cache and relax. This isn't a competition, it's fun. Some people chase after a cache as soon as it's planted so they can be first. I think that's fine. I personally dont' care about that as long as I can find it. I think that's fine too. This is a personal game that we just do for fun. I really don't get your attitude at all.

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Guest Hawk-eye

only for references ... I don't wig out and start trying to up the score ... go out and have fun ... look at the numbers if you want to ... or don't! Go for the big number if you want to ... it's a game .... Go for it Peanuthead ....

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Guest cache_ninja

nice job! now dammit, if people would only _place_ more caches...this has been mentioned by others on here before...i'm noticing people with 30+ finds or more finding my caches, who haven't hidden one. i'm not saying they shoudl feel obligated blah blah blah etc. but how do we get/encourage some of the big cache-finders to be big cache placers also? i want stuff to look for! feh

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Guest Hawk-eye

Originally posted by cache_ninja:

nice job! now dammit, if people would only _place_ more caches...


icon_biggrin.gif YOU BETCHA ... OH GREAT ONE ... but one's archived, one's in Pa and the other's in Bolivia ... got another packed and ready to be placed this weekend in NC ... pack your bags ... and gps ... and get a move on!

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Guest c.mathis

Originally posted by Hawk-eye:

It's only competitive if you want it to be ... or it's non-competitive ... kind of depends on your attitude or what you want out of it. I could careless how many caches a person has under their belts.


I agree.


In the sport of rock climbing, you compete against yourself to try and become a better climber. There are those who DO care about whether they can climb a more difficult route than someone else, and that's fine for them. It's always interesting to see where you are on the curve, but most climbers that I associate with are not competitive with each other.


I see geocaching that way. Sure, I'd like to be the first one to find a new cache, but it doesn't bother me if I'm not.


[This message has been edited by c.mathis (edited 13 June 2001).]

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Guest bunkerdave

This website has been keeping score for us since the beginning. All that's happened here is somone decided to make a list of what has always been there. I have known for awhile I had the most finds in Utah, but big deal. What I would really like to do is find the most DIFFICULT caches in Utah. And place them, too, if my body can take it. The only reason I found as many as I have is my own insatiable curiosity about other people's caches and where they are placed. We all keep score in our own way, for our own reasons. I happen to know that Mr. Hunt4elk is a little chapped - in a fun way, of course - that I went out and bagged five on Sunday right after he bagged four on Saturday. It's all in good fun, and makes for some interesting conversation if/when we run into each other. It is still a game, it's not like we're proving our manhood or anything. Perspective, fellas, perspective.

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Guest suntzu

Originally posted by Lazyboy:

How on earth can this embarrass you I really don't get your attitude at all.


The ratings don't bug me in the least, it's the petty controversy over cheesy-*** topics like this.




Aw Crap!

--Crusty the Clown

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Guest Lazyboy

Originally posted by cache_ninja:

but how do we get/encourage some of the big cache-finders to be big cache placers also? i want stuff to look for! feh


One way to encourage more caches is to do what some folks in souther oregon are doing this weekend. They are having a get together and asking all who attend to place a cache on their way over. That way we'll have a bunch of new ones to look for the next day. Not that I've come close to finding those in the area. We do have some active guys around here.


And I agree, debate over non-concerns is silly. Let's play!

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Guest WJJagfan

What is great about this 'activity' is that you can play it however you want. Do you want to be competative? Great! Have at it! Do you just want to use it as another excuse to get the kids away from the TV and do something outdoors together? Go for it! Maybe you're in it for the trinkets or to make a name for yourself or to meet other people or to be creative or to read the reactions of others to your most excellent cache site or whatever!!


I always get a kick out of stats, ratings, rankings, charts and graphs. Perhaps it is a bit of competitive nature in me. For the most part though I'm just happy to get out when I can and visit a new place.


I love to see the growth in Utah!! We're number one! We're number one! We're number one! We're number one! Any challengers?


Have fun! icon_wink.gif


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Guest Hard Slate

For me it's kinda like golf.I want to keep score,but you gotta play the course,not the leaderboard.You play against the other players you forget your goals, and loose to the course.-Hard Slate

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Guest bearboy


I am also from Michigan.I do like seeing the rankings but they dont mean to much to me either.I would have logged a few more caches if some were closer.If I were worried about my stats I would keep an eye out for GKOZ out of Detroit he seems to be making a move.Do you have any caches hidden? If so ,I would like to find them.I have 3 in Northern Michigan.I am with the Bear Den Gang.I do have to admit that I for one am jealous of the folks that have a lot of cache finds because of how fun it is to find them.Hope to have you log one of my caches soon.


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Guest rusty

Bearboy - I haven't placed any yet (I'm pond scum, I know) but I'm not logging anymore until I get a chance to place a couple. Hopefully next weekend if I can get time I'll get one out. It will probably be up your direction and I like to hike so it won't be right next to the road icon_smile.gif One problem I have is that most of my favorite spots are a long way from home so I would have trouble maintaining them. I don't know if it's a good idea to just plant em and leave em.


I look forward to checking out some of the ones you have placed as soon as I get mine done. I see them looking at me at the top of my proximity list.



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Guest Women) Group

The posted statistics on "caches found" were interesting from an overall perspective on geocaching. Thanks for your efforts.


Anyone compiled similar stats on "caches placed"? Maybe once or twice a year I'd look at such figures just to see how things are going,even recognizing their bias towards heavily populated urban areas, or cache-abundant states with unimpaired gps coverage.


QUALITY CACHES rather than QUANTITY OF CACHES are now our primary interest, both in placing them and seeking them. We have arrived at our own sense of what constitutes QUALITY for us after about a dozen varied finds in two states. (We're having a lot of fun, but are way out of the running compared to the quantities cited for others!)

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Guest jeremy

Check the "about geocaching" section. It has a running tally on active geocaches each day. We just exceeded 3,000 caches over the weekend.



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So I found this buried in the last few pages of the forums. Thought it made for some fun and interesting reading. 

Many of you probably got numbers like that over the weekend!

After almost 20 years things have changed a lot. By the same token there is STILL the same discussion about numbers, quality, quantity, maintenance, and "playing it your way".

The more thing change, the more they stay the same.

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55 minutes ago, RocTheCacheBox said:

The more thing change, the more they stay the same.


I read through the entire thread, and couldn’t agree more.  The same could have been written last week or 18 years ago ... just multiply any numbers by a 100 or more.


Thanks for bumping the thread.

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43 minutes ago, thebruce0 said:

I also love the first post was June 11 saying the list would be updated weekly, and the last comment 2 weeks later.  :laughing:


They are separate posts.  I found the next week's and two more, then looks like things moved to third party leader boards (that are probaly long defunct - I didn't click any links, Lord only knows what kind of crud Java or scripts those old websites might be running if they do exist, or what kind of inappropriate ads might pop up from the domain squatters if they don't). 


I found a few other interesting old topics to read down there, like whether the Maryland A.P.E. cache would get muggled during the Chandra Levy murder investigation.



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