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Geowords -or- Sniglets for geocaching

Guest King Pellinore

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Guest shybabe924

Originally posted by Buck8Point:

GeoQuarrel - the act of engaging in arguementitative conversation with another geocacher.


GeoRetentivness - the act of being way too particular about certain aspects of Geocaching.



The first step is admitting that YOU have these problems! Maybe we can get you in GEOREHAB now! [ icon_biggrin.gif] Hope this doesn't move me from the Geobuddy to the Geob!tch category LOL


Geopurse- once leopard, but now camo due to ridicule[:cool:]



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Guest ClayJar

Originally posted by T-storm:

Hey, weren't the Garminites that biblical tribe that wandered in the desert for 40 years? icon_wink.gif

No, actually, I think those were the Magellanites (with their pre 3.15 315's). Of course, then they got out of it when they uploaded 3.15 (although if they would have listened early on, they wouldn't have wandered at all, but they didn't listen to the instructions about hand-waving).

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Guest GeoMacbeth

Disclaimer: The following is NOT meant as a death threat to Magellan users!


Three caches for the antenna kings

under the sky,

Seven for the Garmin users

searching their piles of stone,

Nine for Magellan users

doomed to die,

One for the dark cacher

who caches alone.

In the land of WGS-84, where the coordinates lie

One cache to log them all, one cache to find them,

one cache to open them all and in the darkness sign them.

In the land of WGS-84, where the coordinates lie.



Hey! What happened to my sattelites?!?

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Guest Zuckerruebensirup

Originally posted by Doppler:

I thought a "geoSneaker" was what you found in a "sneaker cache"...


'GeoSneakers' are the quiet shoes you wear when out cache hunting so that the 'mundanes' don't catch you in the act. (Or, so that your spouse doesn't catch you sneaking out of the house, off to spend the day geocaching, instead of getting projects done around the house.) icon_wink.gif

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geoGumps = geocachers that dont read or follow the directions on the cache description. example.. leaving golfballs in a non golfball cache


sanscache = a cache thats not were its supposed to be


geoballers = geocachers that leave used golf balls or used tennis balls in exchange for something thats actually useful


trashcache = cache full of useless stuff like used golf balls or used tennis balls


nazis = security guards interfering with geocaching activities


hanger = geocache that hangs under an object. such as an altoids tin with magnets underneath a table at an outdoor cafe'


kicker = buried geocache that results in really dirty shoes from you kicking around


diver = underwater geocache


roadie = geocaching partner


george = a wheres george dollar


debris = soiled condoms or underwear found while rummaging through the woods looking for a geocache


shmutz = unidentifiable substance on you or your geocache


gerban (jerban)= urban geocache, not to be confused with gerbil


thats all for now.. i really enjoyed reading this thread!



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Guest george70

how about:


squirrel - someone who hides more than they find


crowder - someone who places a cache really close to another existing caches


lost boy - someone who's coordinates are 100 ft from the cache.


trustfundinan - someone who finds time to bag multiple caches on weekdays.


cach-bag - the backpack that has all you need when you go out geocaching... just grab and go


cluless - only takes the coodinates with him when he looks for a cache.


cluso - someone who constantly stubles on caches, more through dumb luck than anything else.


hows that?


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Guest ClayJar

One that I use extensively is:


chrome (pl. chrome): Abbreviated form of "mile(s), as the crow flies". Derived from the further abbreviation of the already shortened "crow-mile(s)".


Like "deer", "elk", and "fish", the singular and plural are the same. You wouldn't say "it's 1.35 chromes to the cache"; you'd say "it's 1.35 chrome to the cache" or "the cache is 1.35 chrome... um... *that* way".


Note: SI-compliant countries (translation: everywhere but the US) may use "croak" (crow-kilometers) in place of "crome", but there are other words they can use. We needed a good one for our system.

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Guest mtn-man

cachenazi -- "You must give the correct answer to the question on this virtual cache or your log will be deleted."

(Something I am guilty of myself!)

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Guest Goodguys

Croak, eh? Crow-k. Yeah, it sounds Canadian.

And don't forget to sweep out your Geotracks, lest your path makes an easy find for the next one there.

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Guest Digitalbombdog

In a cross reference to the GeoCaching cards and buttons and other such items that people are creating in another current thread:


GeoGraphics - The images and designs being created by said geocachers?

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Guest Gliderguy


someone who dresses up in military surplus gear and seeks his caches in a humvee...

Croquet: Crow K, Crow kilometers...


[This message has been edited by Gliderguy (edited 02 March 2002).]

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Guest cliffy

Originally posted by Gliderguy:


someone who dresses up in military surplus gear and seeks his caches in a humvee...

Croquet: Crow K, Crow kilometers...


[This message has been edited by Gliderguy (edited 02 March 2002).]


Hey!!!!! I resemble that remark.....Minus the humvee of course!.....lol


My girlfriend refers to me as a GEO-LOSER......One that forsakes his significant other for the sake of tracking down lost tupperware. icon_smile.gif

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Guest Misguided One

Originally posted by jeremy:

Geolurker would be more appropriate, taking lurker from the traditional forum term for a person who reads but doesn't post messages.




No, a GEOLurker is what I feel like when I am the only adult male at a county park

With small children and their mothers watching as I walk around in the trees and bushes looking for a cache.


Which brings me to:

Cacher-basher, A mother in said parks that calls the "GEOfficer" on her cell phone, and reports you as a perv. (hasn't happened to me,....yet.)

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Guest ClayJar

How about... cashier: The person who finds the cache. ("cache here")


Now for something really different... Here are some real words that have "cach" in them:

  • cachalot: "See sperm whale."
  • cachepot: "An ornamental container for a flowerpot."
  • cachet: (a mark of quality, seal, part of a postmark, or a wafer-capsule for bad tasting drugs)
  • cachexia: "Weight loss, wasting of muscle, loss of appetite, and general debility that can occur during a chronic disease."
  • cachinnate: "To laugh hard, loudly, or convulsively; guffaw."
  • cachou: "A pastille used to sweeten the breath."
  • cachucha: "An Andalusian solo dance in 3/4 time."
  • viscacha: "Any of several gregarious, burrowing South American rodents of the genera Lagostomus and Lagidium, related to and resembling the chinchilla."

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Guest VentureForth

GeoPride: That feeling you get when someone logs their first find at your first placed cache and says "My whole family and I and everyone we know is now incurably hooked to geocaching!"


(Note: Slightly exaggerated from actual log entry)



VentureForth out to the wild, wet forest...

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Guest Choberiba

now exactly what Misguided One felt like. It's not a good feeling to get an evil eye by an overprotective mother when all you are doing is watching your child play in the sand. This is one reason I always carry a Palm with me to the park. If I seem to be more interested in what it says than what the kid is doing I must be a dad.

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Guest Choberiba

Originally posted by Misguided One:

No, a GEOLurker is what I feel like when I am the only adult male at a county park

With small children and their mothers watching as I walk around in the trees and bushes looking for a cache.


I had to archive a cache in a tot-lot for this very reason.


I spend a lot of time with my daughter. People know me pretty well at the local parks and I'm fairly comfortable there, so I hid a cache at one point. I thought it might be a fun thing for parents of small children to do.


People without kids hunted the cache and this probably made the parents who were there at the time uncomfortable.


I used to get funny looks from mothers if my daughter wasn't standing right next to me, so I know exactly what Misguided One felt like. It's not a good feeling to get an evil eye by an overprotective mother when all you are doing is watching your child play in the sand. This is one reason I always carry a Palm with me to the park. If I seem to be more interested in what it says than what the kid is doing I must be a dad.

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An oldie of mine ... from the March, 2004 issue of Today's Cacher... and one of the many reincarnations of the AS...


Geocaching Terms You Don't Find In The Handbook


(Or Maybe Not At All)


By Torry Stiles, aka Torry

EVENT CACHE = Gathering of geocachers


EVENT CASH = Passing the hat to pay for an Event Cache


HATLESS CACHER = What you get when you don't watch who's passing the hat


CACHE RATING = Description given on cache pages to help cachers determine the difficulty of caches


CACHESTRATING = When your wife insists you not go caching


CACHE BAIT = Hollow logs near trails that are just begging to be fed Tupperware


VIRTUAL THIEVERY = Using PhotoShop or Google to fake a claim on a virtual cache


VIRTUALOSITY = Granting a find on a virtual cache even though you believe the finder never got close.


MISSDIRECTION = The nine-year-old girl who points out the cache location while the grown-ups are still checking their PDAs


CACHE STICK = A geocacher's staff


CACHE TICK = Unwanted hitchhiker from grassy areas


CACHE SHTICK = Boring one's coworkers by talking of nothing but caching


GARMEANDERING = Act of following the "GO TO" arrow on your little yellow eTrex.; see also: eTREXERCISE


eTREXERCISE = All the extra walking you do when all you've got is the little yellow booger


BUGHO = Someone who revisits caches just to snag the travel bugs


BUGWARDEN = Someone who gets a travel bug and doesn't want to set it free again


BUGJUNKIE = Someone who would drive over their own mother for a travel bug


BUGSNIFFER = Cacher who hits the cache just in time to grab the travel bug you've been chasing for months.


MAGELLICIDE = Walking off a cliff while following the map on your GPS instead of the trail


GARMIN DISTRICT = Corner of the Cache Event decorated with "Magellan Sucks" posters


MAGELLAND = The other corner


POOCACHE = What you sometimes find when you reach into the hollow log without looking first


CACHE HASH = The small bits of leaves, broken toys, snail shells, bug bodies and other detritus found at the bottom of a well-visited cache


CACHE DRAWER = Where a cacher keeps his supply of pencils, notebooks, plastic bugs, sock puppets, McToys, film cans and other caching supplies


CACHE DRAWERS = Items occasionally left in caches at entrances to nudist colonies.


CACHE NUTS = Found in above


CASHEW NUTS = A yummy, high protein snack


CACHE U-NUTS = Used with cache U-bolts to secure caches to poles


JOHNNY CASH = Famous country/western singer


JOHNNY CACHE = See: muggled, disgusting mess


CACHE RELIEF = A handy tree away from the cache and fellow cachers


CACHE CASH RELIEF = Finding change for the meter in the micro when all you have left is bills


CACHERAM = Mythical source of all Hindu and Buddhist related virtual caches


CACHE POTATO = Cacher who spends hours on the computer instead of caching.


WAYPOINT = Marked location


WAYPINT = Beer at marked location


WAYPAINT = Used to make the "X" for the "'X' marks the spot."


WAYPUNT = The act of kicking ground cover and anything handy when you can't find the cache at "Ground Zero."


GROUND ZERO = The point at which you GPSr claims you should find the cache.


GROUCH ZERO = The point at which you curse the GPSr that has you waist deep in a lake.


ZERO GROUND = The point at which you learn to swim.


GEOCRASHING = Crossing private property to get to a cache.


GEOTHRASHING = Act of flailing through the bushes looking for matchbox containers


GEOTRASHING = Badmouthing other cache hiders


CACHEGUERILLA = One who places a cache anywhere regardless of caching etiquette, rules or proper procedure.


GUERILLACACHE = One placed in defiance of rules, just begging to be archived.


CACHE GRILLER = Ill-placed micro at a cookout


AMMOPHELES = Type of mosquito found living near traditional caches.


SKEETER-DEETER = Expert in bug repellent


GEO METRO = Inexpensive automobile


GEO-METRO = One whose caching activities are limited to urban areas


GEO PRISM = Inexpensive car that is my current ride.


GEO-PRISON = Cache containing a travel bug that is in a nearly inaccessible location


LOGARITHMS = Notes left by poetic cachers


CACHE WINE = After-caching libation for adults


CACHE WHINE = After-caching laments for all


LOGJAM = What occurs when the cache owner fails to replace the cache log.


McBEEF = Complaint about the placement of Happy Meal toys in caches.


McCACHE = Just like a thousand others found all over the world hidden the same way with the same kind of stuff inside.


BRITCHERS = New pants on a hot day


BURRITCHERS = Burr-covered pants


LEGGROOM = The act off brushing the burrs off one's burritchers


DAMBURR = The one you missed


BURRDRIFT = The pile of fluff in the Leggroom area.


ZIPBLOCK = The bad spot on a cheap baggie that keeps it from sealing properly.


CACHE FLUFFER = someone who feels obligated to go through a crowded Tupperware container leaving it impossible to close the lid


CAMMO BOX = Cache container hidden in deep woods under three feet of sticks and leaves and another two feet of snow... see also, DNF


FILM CAN = Popular micro-cache container


CAN FILM = Layer of goo on top of week-old opened soda pop grabbed by mistake in dark garage


CACHE COMMANDO = Cacher who seeks to rescue lost, damaged or muggled caches


COMMANDO CACHER = One who caches without undergarments


GORP = Good Ol' Raisins and Peanuts: A popular nutritious snack


DORP = Dumb Ol' Raisins and Peanuts: GORP after three days on the trail.


VORP = Very Old Raisins and Peanuts: GORP after three weeks in the bottom of your pack


ORP = Sound made after eating VORP

Edited by Torry
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