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How do I rename waypoints on a GPS V?

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Pat if you have a large number of them to rename then it is easier and much faster to do it on your PC in EasyGPS. Just upload the waypoints from your V, make your name changes, and then download them back. The other benefit is that you can also save that bunch in Easy for future use etc.


Cheers, Olar


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I second Olars advice to do it in EasyGPS. You'll drive yourself batty with that rocker switch on the V. It is 100x faster using your keyboard icon_wink.gif


Tip: in EasyGPS click "Edit" and "Select All"

Then, with your right mouse button, click the first waypoint in the list and select "Edit Waypoints"

This way once you are finished with one it goes right to the next and so on. Saves you a few steps between editing each one.



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