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  1. http://www.garmin.com/support/agree.jsp?id=407
  2. I use the Temporary adhesive discs. No problem moving, repositioning. Just don't press down hard on them...just a light touch will keep them in place.
  3. Yeah. That's another thing missing...proximity alarms/alerts, whatever. The Trip Information info has got to be in there somewhere if Garmin (or whomever writes their software) would just make it available. There are 6 fields on the trip info page which could easily be changed - Driving Avg, Overall Average, Max Speed, Driving Time, Stopped Time, and Total Time. As far as being a help on a long trip, Max Speed is nothing I care to look at except occasionally. Stopped Time is not accurate if you turn off the power at fuel/rest stops. Total Time is interesting at the end of a trip...and with the engine shut off at the stops, I'm not sure how accurate it is either. Yep, the V had a lot of good points...
  4. Love the machine. Maybe future firmware will include...but, on the Trip Information page you cannot change any fields - not a one. My V has 35 choices for Fields. One of the more useless Fields is "Overall Average", which cannot be changed. It would be nice, maybe, to check it at the end of a trip, but while driving there are other items which interest me more. Stopped Time, which cannot be changed would also be interesting towards the end of a trip, but not an earthshaking Field while enroute. It would also be nice to have on the Tabs Option the ability to put both Distance to Final and Distance traveled. I like to know the half-way point. To get both pieces of info, you must go from the map page to the Trip Information page. Nothing insurmountable, but the V spoiled me by allowing the Field changes, all 35 on both the mapping page as well as the trip information page.
  5. Thanks Alphawolf. I guess I'll start out by leaving the ignition key in the Acc position with an extra key in pocket to unlock doors and get back in. This may turn out to be a headache and I'll have someone wire the cigarette lighter to be powered all the time.
  6. Mine should arrive this week. But a feature I like with the V is ability to operate on batteries when engine shut down thereby having an accurate record of Times. What are 2610 users doing about keeping the machine running? Thanks,
  7. On the V it is Menu, Setup, System, then Display - for either Landscape or Portrait mode.
  8. I'm using Windows ME. About 35 to 40 minutes for 18megs.
  9. Good review. A couple of questions: 1. Portrait and Landscape mode? 2. Antenna removable? 3. Are any mounts for auto use included? Thanks
  10. From what little info available on the Garmin website, has anyone heard whether the unit has both a Landscape and Portrait mode? If not, looks like it's going to be a weird unit for automotive use. Also appears that the antenna is fixed. Have gathered that one must spring extra bucks for MapSource. My old V has no worries just yet. Thanks,
  11. quote:Originally posted by phantom4099: Another question, how much memory does the entire state of South Dakota take? I was surprised how much room the TOPO maps took. Wyatt W. Less than 12 megs using CitySelect 4.01. Bill
  12. Of course, don't know what price Wal-Mart is offering but keep in mind that with the V Deluxe @ $339 you get CitySelect, two cables, and dash mount. If the one at Wal-mart doesn't include cables & dash mount you'll be out some more $ for these. Bill
  13. quote:Originally posted by OneOfEm:Since the Garmin units are _the_ GPSr's for geocaching , everyone who owns one should request of Garmin that they add a "cache" icon in their next software upgrade (I just did). My V has two:Geocache and Geocache Found. Bill
  14. This is a good starting point. I did the personalized text using version 2.30 also. personalized text Bill
  15. quote:Originally posted by InspGadget: Any ideas what I should do. I have a laptop with usb port, plug in my computer but the software does not see a com port, therefore it cannot find the garmin. Have yet to figure out a solution. InspGadget. <snip> On the laptop, no com port is there, only the lpt port for the printer. I am looking for ideas how to get the laptop to detect the Garmin. It would seem to me that the BIOS setup would be the first place I'd look to see if indeed the laptop has a serial port, and if so, make sure it has not been disabled. If that checks out O.K., I have no further suggestions. Sorry. Bill
  16. quote:Originally posted by ChiefPig:Where did you find the "include route calculation data" option? I tried uploading maps to my GPS V for the first time last nite but did not notice this option. Under the Tab, Maps. In lower left-hand corner. Not sure but believe I unchecked that and tried it one time and seems like it didn't upload local street names, had default names/numbers - but not sure. Haven't unchecked it since Bill
  17. quote:Originally posted by CacheCreatures:Interesting thought! However I have a couple of concerns: _CacheCreatures are spreading... They can hide, but they can't run!_ If the V will get you there today, it also will tomorrow - regardless what new something comes onto the market. Try GPSnow.com for complete warranted package for $339. Bill
  18. No experience with this unit - but, if you are not familiar with GMRS, the FCC license per unit is $75 with a first time fine of $10,000. I order two GMRS units, read that and never opened the package! Sold them on eBay. Bill
  19. Find your waypoint by clicking on Find. Highlight the waypoint. Click on Enter. The waypoint coordinates will appear. Scroll up to the waypoint name, hit Enter, then rename the waypoint. Bill
  20. quote:Originally posted by ChiefPig:Well, here is my first stupid question: Where do I attach the wrist strap/lanyard???? I can't seem to find the hole or loop and I don't think I should use the battery compartment metal locking loop. I didn't attach mine either. Looks like using that battery compartment thing is asking for trouble. Bill
  21. quote:Originally posted by Team DEMP:Bill, why "routes"? I don't use routes. To me, it's all about waypoints. I just select Find and then the waypoint and have the V route me to it. CP: Congrats - I really like my V too. True. I use waypoints as well. Maybe I stated it wrongly. But when I make a new 'route' on the V, I select Manual. Then put in the waypoints using Map. Once done I see if that is actually the way I want to go. Often I misplace a waypoint - either too close to an exit and the route continues beyond that exit, or some other boo-boo. However, once the route is as I desired, then on the Directions page, I hit Menu and Save Route. Now I have both the Manual route which the V has to compute each time, and the Auto route which is instantaneous. Then I usually delete the Manual route. I am talking a trip in the 500 mile range using both the Basemap and CitySelect rather than locally - where I do just as you, Click on Find and Goto it! Bill
  22. Congratulations! The learning curve on plotting routes in CitySelect and the V may take some getting used to but it is worth the time taken to learn. If any questions, just holler and maybe I, or someone, can help. Bill
  23. I bought the V after using a NeverLost in a Rental car. Bottom line is the V got me to the same place, same route the NeverLost did - and a lot cheaper. I see where you can get one from a dealer I did for $339 and nothing extra to buy. I believe (only from what I have read) with the iQue you have to put out a few $ more than list price to have it functional for auto use. The V doesn't have color nor talking, but the grayscale and beeps are fine with me. Of course the big drawback could be memory, depending on where you intend to use it. Again, for me it is no problem. Bill
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