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Inexpensive GPS mount

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I made a very inexpensive, quick and easy car mount for my SporTrak Pro GPS. I cut a piece of Plexiglas plastic (get it at a hardware store as unbreakable glazing). Then I cut a metal wall switch plate to match the upper area of the Plexiglas. The switch plate is attached to the Plexiglas with four small screws. The nose of the switch plate was bent out to fit the SporTrak’s slot on the back. I drilled a 3/32” hole at the location shown. It fits the screw removed from a serial port connector, which happens to match the threads on the back of the SporTrak. The string knotted around the screw keeps it from getting lost. A triangular piece of foam rubber glued to the Plexiglas acts as a bed to the SporTrak, and keeps it from rocking. A jumbo size rubber band was threaded through the two large holes at the top of the Plexiglas, and then the small suction cups were hooked on the rubber band. The suction cups attach to the windshield. By adjusting their placement, I can control the direction that the GPS points, on all 3 axes. The GPS does not block my view of the road because it is low on the dashboard.GPSMountBack.JPGGPSMountFront.JPGGPSonWindshield.jpgGPSPattern.GIF

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well if you really can't wait, just do this:

1. open a new browser window

2. go to http://www.geocities.com/scholardollarsearch


3. Once you've gotten the page saying "i haven't built my page yet", just paste in the URLs to that window.


Worked for me... Geocities must look at the last page you were at to do it's "no linking" policy. Amazingly, when I hit "reply" to this thread I saw them all anyway icon_smile.gif

I'd repost his pics on a different site, but I really don't wanna do that without permission.



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Nice work! I like your use of the suction cups.


I keep teetering between buying a RamMount and making somthing of my own. Since my university went on spring break this week maybe I'll find you have inspired me to take a crack at it.


Do you have any glare problems? My Plat sometimes is a little difficult to read when I wedge it between the dash and the windshield, and I am thinking of putting a little sunscreen around the top and sides.



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Nice idea. I wish I could use the same on my GPSMAP 76S, but there's no convenient screws to replace. I probably need to usea more friction-oriented way of attaching the GPSr to the plate. The suction cups are clever, though.


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