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  1. Now: Garmin 60csx (1 gig) Then: Magellan Sportrack Pro
  2. Neo: Thank you for your response. You pointed out a situation that never even crossed my mind, like losing the card! You answered in one swoop all my questions, and then some. Two hours ago, I was sitting with a buddy drinking a pint, discussing how I was going to buy my preloaded card from REI Denver, or JAX Ft. Collins. Again, all I needed was a little push off of the fence. I will now be pursuing loading everything myself for the reasons you describe above. Again thanks for the info!
  3. Renegade: You answered the obvious. Of course I realize that I can "buy a Mini SD card with maps that are pre-loaded, OR buy software and load what I need. That was my Post Topic. What I am trying to determine in a not-so-eloquent way is whether it is worth the cost in buying a dvd reader for my computer, buying the larger card, and buying both sets of software that I would have to buy anyway. Bullet point *4/*5 were more technical questions that may have me fall off the fence one way or the other. All others were pretty much just rhetorical statements.
  4. I swear I've looked everywhere in this forum. Although, I'm sure someone will correct me, I can't find any discussion regarding the pros or cons of preloaded software (eg. City/Topo), versus buying each software separate and loading as you go. Some obvious choices for me: *I currently do not have a DVD player in my computer. (Would have to buy DVD. Topo is still CD Rom). *I currently have only the micro card that came w/ 60csx. (Would have to buy a larger card). *I currently don't own ANY of the mentioned software. (Would have to buy the software anyway). *Reading from forums: Can't load a gazillion maps anyway. Would slow down GPSr, and limit on maps? *I don't think you can pre plan a trip on computer, if the software is on GPSr anyway...right? *Darn those cards are small. Can't see cruising in Zoltig's new Rubicon chasing down RocketMan's 4x4's in Colorado's high country, only to have to rip off the cloves and change back to City NT from Topo? *Unless I am missing the obvious (which is a good chance) I can see advantage of having all of the country on one disk preloaded. Then buying the preloaded Topo's for the area of my choice(s). Thanks in advance. New: Garmin 60csx Old: Magellan Sportrack Pro
  5. EraSeek wrote: quote:(Then again, maybe it was his face). dadgum-that made me laugh.Wouldn't it be nice, just once, to walk up on some dip-sh*t pulling that stunt. OH MAN, POW!
  6. About as "positive" angle as I have read lately. Nice.
  7. My wife says I better find the lawnmower...and soon!!
  8. worldtraveler wrote: quote:Since he picked a 4/4.5 for his first find, do you think we should give him a head's up about how underwhelmed he's likley to be when he finds his first 1/1 in a cheap gladware box stuffed with broken McToys, used golf balls, and a soggy log page? YES, I think that he is going to find that starting at the top and working his way down might now be a little uninspiring.
  9. $$$ for a new GPSr, that will teach her a lesson she won't too soon forget! OOPS! Got to go, wife walking into room.....AAAHHHH...Honey, I'm sorrrrryy........
  10. Yup! That's why I don't mind paying the (slightly) higher prices. The Nordstrom of outdoor equipment.
  11. fishuntr wrote: quote:Would this card work in a Magellan Sportrac Pro? No, none of the Sportrack models have slots for extra memory.
  12. It sounds interesting to me. When it gets approved, that will be your answer. It is history, and no matter how gruesome, can it really be grimmer than any two-hour block of prime time TV? Just do it.
  13. I don't have any personal experiences with it, but it sure is a dadgum good looking pack. If you wait until your arrive in Colorado before purchasing it, we have a couple of "flagship" REI stores that will knock your socks off! You won't want to shorten your RMNP trip, so you better plan on adding a day to shop REI. Oh, and BTW, try not to get struck by lightning. Don't laugh flatlander.. it occurs several times during the summer months. Have fun!
  14. Allen wrote: quote:You can track where my phone is anytime it is on Hey Allen, how was the game today?
  15. (R&T) wrote: George Carlin once had a list of words you could not say on television..... Actually there were only seven: S, P, F, C, CS, MF, and T's. And the latter being referenced to snacks. WOW! I can't believe I remember that stuff.
  16. I would notify the cache owner. You would hope that the family is making an innocent mistake. However, nothing surprises me anymore regarding the actions of some, bird-brained or not. I cannot imagine any prideful cache owner wanting all "their good stuff" taken in one fell swoop, especially when there is so much crap out there. Notify.
  17. Well done. Planning on ordering some in the very near future.
  18. Dusty wrote: quote: I am so glad I moved out of Boulder County last fall. Hey Dusty, I can see being happy to get out of Boulder County, but Lees Summit, MO? Maybe I shouldn't judge since I have never been there...but, I just read that it is named "Summit" because it is the highest point of the R.R. linking K.C. to St. Louis. Don't you miss looking at CO's nearby 14er's just a teeny weeny bit?
  19. USAF Operation Just Cause GW I God Bless Our Troops!
  20. ET903 wrote: quote:Suction cup mount stability? I have one for my Pro, and believe me, when installed onto a clean windshield (with maybe a bit of spittle on the cups) it is pretty secure. Pressing menu (or any) buttons never creates a "slippage" problem.
  21. MaxEntropy wrote: quote: Try that starting in the San Francisco area where we have to travel 3.5 hours to get to the next state. ...or out of the city.
  22. Breaktrack as usual, hitting the nail square on the head.
  23. Well at least the "ouch" picture didn't have a caption of "Golden Banner flowers crushed by a over zealous, off-trail going, bushwhacking geocacher." Maybe they DON'T hate us? Ahhh never mind, yes they do.
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