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Had a problem with my eTrex, sent it back (it arrived at Garmin last Wednesday (the 6th) and I received a refurbed unit today, (Tuesday the 12th). It looks brand new, and has a new lanyard (sent mine back without one), they transfered all the data from my old one.


Just thought I'd pass the info along.


Now I can stop using my Street Pilot III to cache.


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This post looks like a good place to tag on a request for some advice. icon_smile.gif


The glue has come lose on the rubber seal around my eTrex Venture (again), so I need to send it in for repair. Since it's out of warranty, Garmin charges a flat rate for repairs ($79 for the Venture). I'm figuring that as long as they're charging me a flat rate, I should get as much done as possible. So I'm requesting that they replace the screen cover (got a few scratches on it) and see if there's a problem with the click stick (occasionally it doesn't want to go left).


Anyone have any thoughts on what else to get done while it's in the shop? Is there anything I'm not thinking of that ought to be looked at?






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I think I read somewhere about the battery contacts can be modded to avoid breaking contact, causing the unit to turn off.


I would like to mention that although the paperwork that came back with my unit said they verified the firmware was current, it wasn't, the newest release came out before I returned my unit, but was not installed on the replacement. Not that big a deal (unless you don't have a cable).


Also, I used memap to edit the firmware to put my name, ph. #, and email address on the 'setup' page (use 'VISIT' for the text string search). It shows up backwards and upside-down on the memap virtual display, but works fine on the eTrex display.



If trees could scream, would we still cut them down?

Well, maybe if they screamed all the time, for no reason.

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I also sent my eTrex back after I had dropped it and cracked the display. I got it back yesterday (8/15/03) and I had sent it to them last wednesday (8/6/03).


They gave me a new unit and transferred all my data. I was very impressed with the service I received.



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Well I had to send my 2 units in to garmin last week and they both just came back today.


1 was in warantee the other well, let's just say that I said I "Purchased" them around the same time. Which was true however the second unit (in good working condition at the time) was purchased used so I didn know when the warantee was from.


First, I called garmin and told them I think their rubber band is a major manufacturing defect. I was told by the rep that they don't see them come back again after they fix the problem. CyBret says his has come off "again". Now If/when mine ever comes off again I'm going to INSIST that garmin replace it because it is a defect in their design.


I strongly reccommend that anyone presses the issue with supervisors on out of warantee units and insist the replace it.


I was able to call them up and with a minimal amount of complaining have 2 units comlpletely repaired at garmin's expense. I love my eTrex legend but I dislike the problems I had with it.


I also put together a list of the frequent eTrex issues which you can feel free to sight when you call about your Garmin unit. People shouldnt have to pay for faulty designs.


List of Known Garmin eTrex Issues








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Experianced a major issue with my rebate from the purchase of an e-trex legend. I sent it in waited and finally the rebate check came. So I deposited it in my bank account. A week later the check was returned to me, nicely in red "STOP PAYMENT". After much of my time spent on the phone it turn our Garmin uses Bank of America. Who unknown to Garmin recycled their check numbers. Turns out this number was canceled over a year ago. Long of the short is Garmin is going to issue another check for the amount of my rebate plus the bad check fee. That's only righting what they made wrong. Nothing for my time or frusttration. I worked for several companies, whose policies where to always go the extra mile for the customer. I feel that Garmin hasn't shown me any reason to keep their product of faith in their company. So I'm returning their e-trex legend. Once I calm down in a few monthes, I'll look into a different brand. Disgrunteled with Gamin's business ethics.

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Don't get me wrong, I had a limited amount of good times with my e-trex. The product worked great for most of my needs, other needs I found out after using it. I was thinking of upgrading. That is until I dealt with their "customer service". I do not wish to sway anyones choice in their gps. I would like people to know of the experiance I had. The product was great, the customer service was more than laking. Or my opinion may be tainted from doing customer service in the past. My experiance is just that, I hope that it won't be yours.

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icon_smile.gif I had e-mailed Garmin asking if they sell just the screw-in tip for a cigarette lighter adapter (the part that touches the center contact in the socket and holds the fuse). Mine must have come unscrewed and is lost. They replied that they do not sell just that part, but that they had packaged and mailed me a complete brand new adapter assembly with cord. Much more than I asked for. I think that qualifies as EXCELLENT service!
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I've had good experience with their customer service as well ... however I've never had a really serious issue with one of my Garmins and I've been using Garmin since mid 90's. I've had a 38, a 41, a 12xl, a 12 map, a simple yellow etrex, a vista and a 76S. Even the old non parallel receivers were excellent for what they were.



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I'm glad that Garmin bent over backwards for you. On the other hand, they just stuck it to me. I will not own one nor recomend their product to anyone I know. Last place I worked was KCHD, Kansas City Harley Davidson. That's not a dealership, that's the final asembly plant. Their customer service sucks in my book! I have firm standards, it started when I was military. They did me wrong, and that's how I feel about it. You may feel different.

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I sent my unit in to get the rubber band repaired last monday--it is out of warranty, but they said they'd treat it as a warranty repair since it is such a common problem. While the unit was in the shop, they noticed that the memory battery was leaking, so they replaced that, as well as the front and back covers and lens, along with the rubber band that it was sent in for in the first place. They also saved all my waypoints, etc. and loaded them back in (I have over half of Minnesota from Mapsource Topo, and that takes a good 1/2 hour to download into the unit). It also came back home today, only 9 days later (including a holiday weekend). They did this at no charge to me, and normally, their flat rate to refurbish an out-of-warranty Vista is $125. So, at any rate, I'm more than happy with Garmin's customer service--they fixed the original problem, and also fixed another problem I wasn't even aware of, all at no charge and in a timely manner.


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