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Waypoint management

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How do you all do it?


I got an Etrex Legend this week and have been thinking of how to store cache waypoints.


There are about 100 waypoints in my local area with another 100 or so within the state. I could download all of them into the GPS and then mark them as found by changing the symbol as I go.




I could just add cache waypoints as I decide to try and find them and save clutter in my waypoints file.


What do you guys do? I am pretty new and am looking for some advice. I have had it happen a couple times already where I go out and find a cache and then notice when I get home that there was another less than a quarter mile away that I could have found while I was out there.


Do you have all (or most) of your local caches stored in your GPS or add them as you decide to hunt for them?



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Hello neighbor, I see you're in Anchorage also. I'm rather new at this too but I think it probably depends on how you use your GPS and how you go after Geocaches. I like to load all the reasonably near ones and if we're out looking for a place to hike, we can find a place that leads to a Geocache. Someone who tries to be first to the caches and get them all probably would want to only load the ones he was after that day.

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I've loaded all within reasonable distance into my Vista (which in this case works the same as the Legend).

When found, I change the symbol.

I load them via EasyGPS, where I manually change the symbol if it's a few, or I upload to Trackmaker and change in bulk, if there are many new points.



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I load all the ones in my 'home area' that I haven't found. This has been hoovering at about 480 so I'm about to loose my ability to do that soon with both the 500 point limit in pocket queries and the 500 point limit in my GPS. I delete all waypoints that I've found to save room.



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That's where I created Cachemaps for.

You load your GPX file with hundreds of waypoints into CacheMaps. Select the once you're gonna find today, directly show online maps for these and upload them to your GPS.

After found and an update of the GPX, the status is automatically changed and the color shown on the overview map changes too.

You can select any overview map you want. You create them instantly from MapBlast or download pre-calibrated ones from the internet. There are thousands out there!


Have a look at my website for more info.


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I download all caches within 50 miles or so into EasyGPS and then transfer them to Mapsource. I then print out maps of different areas where I plan to go go cache hunting.


Then I take a highlighter and highlight routes which take me from one cache to the next so that when I'm done for the day my route has led me back toward home. (I like to drive out twenty or thirty miles to hit my first cache for the day and then work my way back home -- that way when I'm beat and ready to quite I don't have as far to travel).


Like others have mentioned I load ALL the caches in my area in my GPSr and load the cache reports in my PDA. That way I have all the information I need on hand.


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Because Washington State is so proliferant with them, I have them saved by name of city or town I plan to visit. Some of them have overlapping caches.


When I'm going to be in a unique area, I try to download at least one or two within that local area just in case I have time to do a search.


The regularly saved info is saved on my PDA in Plucker format for the home area, and Outlook memo format for the outlaying areas, and printouts of the impromptu cache hunts.




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