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  1. The Geko 101 or an eTrex would be ideal for your purposes.
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    You can find official Survey Marks on most street corners. Usually one per intersection around 2m in from the corner. They are not allways there and are sometimes overgrown or have a cover on them. The cover is normally like a small manhole with Survey Mark written on it.
  3. If you order from the US and your unit has mapping it will include US base maps and cities data base. The warranty will not be valid in Australia and the unit would have to be sent back to the US if there was any problems. GME the local Garmin distributor, like distibutors for most products, will only support what they have distributed. That said the chances of problems are small. The mapping won't be a problem if you buy the Australian Metroguide but that is another $235-270. As far as offroute, I don't know anything about them but be mindful of the considerations above. Why not support a local geocacher like Alex from Cartographics? You can check his web site at www.cartographics.com.au. He doesn't do online order but you can give him a call or email for pricing.
  4. I use my Geko201 with MapSource, OziExplorer and a number of other packages. I don't know about the settings in Fugawi but with the packages I use you generally set it to Garmin for transfering Waypoonts etc and NMEA for navigation.
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    E-Map-Easy GPS

    I use an eMap and you don't have to do anyting special. Just tell him to make sure he has the right comms protocol selected.
  6. I have the eMap and can highly reccomend it. An excellent unit if you want something full featured. If you want something basic like the 72 I would go for a unit like the Geko201(which I also have) or eTrex. The geko is an excellent unit, super small and rugged. Unless you want mapping I can't see the use of a huge screen. For good prices check with http://www.ja-gps.com.au and give Carto-graphics a call http://www.cartographics.com.au
  7. I just have them all loaded up within a few hundered km of home. Then I have the mobibook for mat of all the caches in y area in the iPaq. A nice little set up. With the eMap there is no need for any paper at all
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