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Magellan rebates

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We've been talking about the Magellan rebate problem in this thread, and I think we should give Thales the benefit of the doubt - for now.


I have had my rebate request denied by wheresmyrebate.com, but they are incompetent boobs! I sent in all the required paperwork for covered products, and it was denied out of hand.


However, sharpshutr (who has experienced the same problem) gave me the name and phone number and fax number of the person at Thales that tries to resolve rebate problems. I called on Tuesday and left a voice mail, and faxed my paperwork (including photocopies of the upc's and invoices) and a request for assistance on Wednesday morning.


I received a call back on Wednesday concerning my voice mail, and another call today (Thursday) following up on my fax. She was very apologetic, and said that she was certain that I would receive my rebate, since everything was in order.


She also said that I was not the only person complaining about wheresmyrebate.com, and that Thales was very aware of the problem. So far, I give Thales a thumbs up for responsiveness. We'll see how it all plays out.


DustyJacket - I don't have the information with me at home tonight, but I will e-mail it to you tomorrow. I'll bet that your lack of photocopies will not kill your chances for a rebate. To anyone else who hasn't sent your rebate in yet - I strongly suggest making copies.



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i have the same extended length of time to receive my rebate. i purchased on dec 15, 2002, sent in my rebate on dec 26 and wheresmyrebate.com did not have my rebate approved until march 10, now they have it scheduled to be sent by may 1st. 4 months to receive a rebate is not acceptable. i am calling thales at the numbers provided in thread to voice my dissatisfaction.


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Thanks to sharpshutr and his information about the magellan rebate for meridian and mapsend. I have been approved today by calling wheresmyrebate.com to question them about my denied rebate. They asked me for the meridian UPC code again and said "we will approve". I guess they are having many problems with this rebate. No later then 45 minutes Tammy Pedrosa from Magellan called me and said fax her the paper work. So I figured this cannot hurt my rebate refund. So I faxed those off just for safety sake. I salute sharpshutr for his e-mail to me again! Here is the info from wherethehellismyrebate.com icon_rolleyes.gif


The status detail for the selected rebate is displayed below.





Retailer: FRYS

Purchase Date: Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Rebate Amount: $50.00

Type: Cash Rebate

Status: Rebate Submission is Approved

Expected Mail Date: Monday, May 12, 2003

Reason Rejected: NA


Bottom line is call where the hell is my rebate .com and I think they will approve you if you were denied. Also it looks like 12 weeks to get a rebate icon_eek.gif .I don't know about this but it seems a bit long to me.

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Wanted to bump this string for strictly personal reasons. My rebate request has now been rejected as well by wheresmyrebate.com. Want to know from those out there that have made contact with Thales, what did they request from you? I sent Wheresmyrebate a copy of the receipt, but the original UPC. Is there a chance for a rebate out there?


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Congratulations on getting your $50! I'm still chasing mine (without any response in the last week from Magellan), but I don't have the contact number for wheresmyrebateDAMMIT.com. Can you post that phone number so that the rest of us can call and chew on them?


EDIT - I found the numbers: 800-390-2344 or 914-633-0977. Still on hold - but I did make it into the queue.




I think I remember in an earlier post that sharpshutr didn't have copies of his upc's, and he got his. Keep the faith and keep calling.


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I assume that you are checking the correct website - www.wheresmyrebate.com - but if not, go and check there. If you are going to the correct site and finding nothing, it's most likely that they have not gotten around to denying it yet. icon_wink.gif


Or it's possible that you aren't entering the same information you used on the rebate form. Check and make sure you're using the same first name, last name and zip code. That's how their system tracks it.

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After being rudely treated by Wheresmyimpossiblerebate.com I decided to question them about how the rebate process works in their organization. It seems the burden of proof is never in their court so to speak. They want the consumer to keep copies of everything and then they are unable to hold on to the material you have sent in. I decided to "rock the boat" and asked the justwhereismyrebate representative to prove to me they had not received the required items. Of course they can't do that! Please send me copies of what I sent that you don't feel qualify for the rebate. What did you do with my material I sent you? When you notified magellan that my rebate would not be honored what was the case # assigned to me. What did you do with the material I sent in for the rebate? Did you lose it? Did you send it to Magellan? Come on people I want to know what happened to my items I sent for the rebate and put in your hands! Of course by now the representative has had it with me and starts to really lose it on the phone. When I ask for a supervisor you know what happens next. VOICE MAIL BOX never to be returned. This is when I decided to take the matter straight to Thales/Magellan.

My receipt from Wal-Mart showed the Mapsend Topo by name and upc number. I also had my receipt from Outpost.com (Frys). But I didn't have my copy of the upc I had cut out and sent to them. The wheresmydangrebate had two upcs as having been sent so I knew I was in the right. I just hate having to prove it when the obvious to anyone is we are only wanting what was offered to us as incentive to buy their product.

From now on I am going to ask who handles the rebates for the items I purchase. If it is whereinthehellismyrebate.com I will voice my displeasure and leave the product sit where it is. I plan on writing a letter to each manufacturer that deals with this rebate center and tell them that they leave a bad experience for the consumer and by association they become part of the problem. Please use someone else to handle your rebates who can read and process legitimate rebates readily, on time, and if a recurring problem is showing up find out WHY!

Just my .02 worth and now I am breathing a little easier. thanks sharpshutr

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Having trouble at you know who. I noticed when I entered my name it was CASE SENSITIVE and I had to use all caps. Just another thing that causes the system to frustrate us. I think maybe "they" have turned on their own form of SA(selective availability) introduced into the rebate program.


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Well, I had sent my rebate protest to WhereTHEHELLsmyrebate.com on 3/21, along with all of my copies. I have been checking each day to see if there was a status change, and ouila! (pardon my french) today it says "Rebate Submission is Approved"! icon_smile.gif


I have also been calling Thales/Magellan every few days and leaving messages. I have not had a return phone call in two weeks. I'm just guessing, but I may have been successful by appealing through the rebate processor, rather than Thales, but who knows. My best advice to anyone still chasing their rebate is to call early and often - to both parties.

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I called a nice lady at Thales/Magellan (the number came from a poster here) and left a message, Monday afternoon.


Tuesday morning, one of her minions called me back and asked maybe 3 questions, got my address and said they'd mail the check out next week.


I wonder if they are giving up on www.whatsarebate.com



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I have had no problem getting a rebate before for $20.00, and plan on claiming the lucrative $50 rebate soon for a meriyellow and a mapsend cdrom...


I will keep copies of everything to be sure


I wonder if some problems are related to sending in the back-up with a WRONG rebate program form... I know the current $50 rebate for a REGULAR Meridian and a mapsend product is difficult to locate, there are links within THIS THREAD!





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"And now for something completely different..."


I just had to relay an exchange I had with Intuit for the TurboTax state return rebate. They had sent a postcard informing me my request was denied because I didn't have a required form included. A frantic search this weekend turned up the form, but the card had sat on my desk for a while and it said I had to return any validating information by the day after tomorrow. I called to see if I had to overnight the stuff, and the agent said "No, if you say you've got it that's good enough...expect your rebate within 4 to 6 weeks."





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After reading of all the hassles required just to get the rebate leads me to look at a different product. Notice there isn't anyone complaining about the Garmin rebates.


If more would tell the company to stick it then maybe the company would wake up and get with the program. Tell them if rebate is not forcoming then you are going to return the GPS to the store.

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The check Magellan said they would send has not yet arrived, but the Wheresmyrebate claim no longer says denied. It says it is mailed.


Magellan needs to stop using wheresmyrebate.com.


On March 3rd, I mailed in an HP rebate form ($50).

On March 28, I received an E-mail saying the form was processed and a check would be mailed.

April 1 I received the check.

They do NOT use wheresmyrebate.com



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I just got my $50.00 rebate. It took awhile, almost 3 1/2 months. I sent it in just before christmas. When I checked the rebate site, they said it would be mailed on March 18th.



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I got mine today!

Filed in Feb. Took one telephone call.


I did notice that the check was NOT from WhatTheHeckIsARebate.com (I filed under William).


It was direct from Magellan and made out to Bill.


Hurray for Magellan finally recognizing a problem with WMR and making it all good !



Not all those that wander are lost. But in my case... icon_biggrin.gif

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I judge an organization less by how often things go wrong than by how they respond to things when they *do* go wrong.


Magellan goes up a notch in my estimation for stepping up to the plate on this. I would hope that they dump whatmerebate?.com after they conclude any current contractual obligations.



Often wrong but seldom in doubt

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