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question for magellan owners...

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Well you can tell it what state/ country your in (or give cords to say your general area on the Earth) to speed the process up. But if you don't enter that infromation it will still find its location, but it takes longer.


Are you wondering what we would do if you got stuck on some remote island?


Wyatt W.


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Based on menu options etc. It doesn't appear that the Magellan receivers have an autolocate function. I've found however that in practice, it appears that it does. If you select some off the wall place to tell the receiver it is when you punch in your location, it still sorts itself out in a fairly short amount of time.

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My Magellan Meridian Platinum knows where it is every time I turn it on, regardless of how far I've traveled from the initialization point.

You do need to "initialize" the unit prior to using it for the first time, but you don't have to tell it where it is to initialize it.


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When I got my ST Pro (which I bought as a replacement for a broken 330), it actually found its location before I managed to go through the menu options to tell it where it was. I was quite surprised actually. It made me wonder why they even bother to put the country/state/time settings in there at all.

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