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I talked my Father into buying a GPSMAP 76S, He spent lots of money on it. and we have been very disopointed with it so far. It will not hold satellite signal under the lightest tree cover and over all seems very sketchey. Has anyone else had trouble with this GPS? I have a EMap that for less than half the cost of a GPS76S seems to work much better..

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but it's like riding a bike, once you learn how to use it, and how to make it feel loved, it will return the favor. My 76s is the best thing I ever bought. I will use it on a cross country ride next summer, on my bike.


You must let it lock up for a while so it can get in the groove, then it will stay locked even under 3 layers of jackets and tree cover.


Am I right?


Well, I'm not lost, I'm home!



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My 76S is absolutely awesome. Satellite lock in the field has never, ever been a problem and although I sometimes use an external antenna it's mainly because I can, so why not. I think you have a bad unit. One way to find out real quick is to find a local store (assuming you bought it through the mail) that has them and go try out another unit to compare them. Then you can send it back to where you bought it or to Garmin. Once the dust settles and you get a working unit you and your dad will enjoy the 76S. IMHO anyway.


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I agree with Growley, the 76s is an awesome unit. Get used to the character of GPS systems and you'll agree.


The first 76s I brought home from the store kept shutting off when the backlight was turned on. REI replaced it right away, without question. My point is that you may have a defective unit. Go back to where you got it and test with another unit as someone above has said.





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I'm with the rest of the gang. I've been under all kinds of different cover, and never had problems getting enough birds to get a point. In fact I had GPS problems that were totally reverse of yours. My eTrexxx couldn't get jack for a signal under a light cover of pine trees; thus the purchase of the 76S.

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GPSMAP76s are just no good... I have only found a few over 1400 with mine in last 7 months icon_biggrin.gif. I used a Vista for my first 2000 finds and a GPSMAP76s since. Both units have worked very well for me. However, I have enjoyed using the GPSMAP76s much more. If the unit does not seem to work right when you first get it, it might might not be the unit at all. Practice with it some and you will find out how to make it work right for you.

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I've got to agree with the original poster:

I've had my 76S lose signal where I can see the sky, on highways, on the river...


Other times, it's a beaut: 10' accuracy circles with WAAS turned on (and I'm in the midwest, not the coasts where it works best (or so I'm told).


Maybe it's my coats, maybe I put out an EM field, but I can't put it in a pocket for more than about 15 seconds or it will definitely lose signal.


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