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Great deal for Mag. Map330 (not Sam's club)

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Found this at REI:


They seem to have only Garmins in the display case (and in stock) the remaining Magellans were the 3xx series.


The Map 300 was marked down from $250 to $139.99. There was a sticker on the box "free MapSend CD coupon inside" and sure enough- not a rebate, but just a "mail copy of receipt and UPC" and get the CD back from them.....


then you got the $30 rebate until June 30 from Magellan...


If your in the market, check out your local REI


(I was shopping for a MeriGold/Plat... but for the money- this'll be my 'starter' one)


Got our first cache 1 hour later! (GC29F8 21' feet away from coord's provided) icon_biggrin.gif

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I just went to REI myself yesterday and found the same deal. I asked the salesman if it was a return and he stated no but it was just sitting there too long. I purchased it of course :-)


The only thing is when you go to Magellan's site for the $30 rebate it isn't there anymore so I emailed them to send me a copy of the rebate form.



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Originally posted by TripleMCachers:

What is REI? May not have them in Baton Rouge..or I'm just not getting the acronym.


Holly Selden


I believe the stores started in the northwest. Washington and Oregon.

You can go here to see if there is a store near you.



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This is only an opinion.


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