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Best Price for Garmin Data Cards & MapSource Software....???

Us 5 Camp

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I own a 176c, same as the 196 except not for avation, I've got all my products and software from westmarine.com, they are a garmin dealer, they will beat any advertised prices by 5% too.

They have everything. Data cards, Software, units.

Also they can order directly from garmin, there retail prices for stuff directly from garmin is cheaper then garmin.com's retail prices!!

Have fun icon_cool.gif

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Here are links to the two products. Besides a cheaper price than the three places mentioned, Amazon is offering free shipping on most orders.


Metro Guide CD $84.99


Garmin 64MB Memory Cartridge - $89.99


Garmin 128MB Memory Cartridge - $232.99


I didn't compare the memory price with the other places mentioned but the Metro Guide CD is $5 cheaper than the other places mentioned and with free shipping and handling it is a super deal.


Another way to make the deal even cheaper is to get an Amazon gift certificate at milepoint.com to use for your Amazon purchase. I got my Garmin 76S for cheaper than anywhere else I could find:


Garmin GPSMAP 76S GPS - $346.26


Because I bought $350 worth of gift certificates for a savings of $17.50 by using frequent flyer miles I got even a better deal and with free shipping you just can't go wrong with this deal.


Amazon is amazingly quick and provides email order confirmation and shipping detail. I have never had a bad experience with them.


Hope this info gets to you in time to get a great deal on your father's present!






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