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Secure Digital Memory Cards for Magellan

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The documentation refers to “Secure Digital”, which I assume is a brand name for memory cards. My question is… are there ‘other’ vendors which supply compatible memory cards which will fit/work with the Magellan series… and if so… what might be the consensus of their relative ‘worth’ when used in the field?

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Secure Digital refers to a type of card not a name brand as I understand it. I have a Magellan Meridian Series Platinum and part of the reason I got it was the expandability of the memory. I have a palm pilot and I took the card out of my palm and plugged it into the gps unit and had no problems. I was then able to download maps onto the unit. I recently purchased a new 64M card for my GPS and erased the maps from the 16M card and dedicated that to the Palm. I filled up my new card with maps of a large portion of the Western US. They are street maps, but they help me find the best roads to the caches. I have even spoken to tech support at magellan and the guy was surprised to know that the SD card worked in both devices without problems. The card could be switched back and forth without problems. Now I don's claim to be an expert. In fact I only bought my GPS a month or so ago. I am a novice, but this has been my experience.


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Gryphon1 is right...SD is a type of card manufactured by many companies. You can get them at just about any electronics store.


You MUST have one if you want to use Magellan's MapSend software to load maps onto your Meridian. If you don't have the software, the card will not be of much use.



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You can buy a SanDisk 128 Mb SD card at CompuPlus.com for $52.00. That's less than what I've seen other places asking for a 64 Mb card. I bought one there along with a SanDisk Card reader (recommended) for $29.99 and it is working great on my Meridian Platinum. I shopped around a lot and this is the best price I found. Watch the shipping though, it can be high !!!!!!



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And with one of those $30 card readers that takes multiple types of cards you can use the memory card as a floppy disk or an easy way to move images from digital cameras to PC, or whatever you can use a "disk" for...





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Originally posted by readinger:

What software is everyone using with their Magellan? Is mapsend the only option? (I'm guessing it it for uploading maps) What's the best freeware you've used?


Yes, MapSend titles are the only ones that work with the Magellans, but there are several. Go to magellangps.com for a complete listing of the titles.

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