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Ok - No One HandUnit can do both - so what is best for Geocaching Only?

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As the title suggests, I think it is tough to get one unit that can do both auto navigation and geocaching very well.... So, I would prefer to focus on only this sport. Also, I am one that always needs the "best toy" (still a kid at heart). As such I keep finding myself drawn to the new meridian color.... Will I kick myself for not getting a Garmin?

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I would think the G-V comes pretty close to doing it all. After having done a little over a hundred caches using a sportrak map, and etrex legend side by side, my preference is for the legend. In the areas I've been going it's a little more consistant and predictable.


If you're interested in color, have you looked at the sportrak color? From what I see on the spec pages it has about twice the resolution of the Meridian color. I haven't been able to play with either unit however, so I can't say how they actually look

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My vote is for the Garmin 76S and while it has all the bells and whistles it doesn't have auto routing which I don't need for geocaching anyway. It will still make you the gadget man on the block trying work all the bells and whistles. I love mine and really don't use all the features to find caches but it is nice to have them. You would need to buy Mapsource software if you wanted something other than the base maps of the USA that come standard with the 76S.




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I'd have to say the GPSV handsdown. It is a little pricey but if you're hooked on caching and plan on doing this long term it's the only way to go.


I've had mine for 18 months or so and I still get a thrill when I fire it up and tell it to route me to the nearest cache.


Jolly R. Blackburn


"Never declare war on a man who buys his ink by the gallon."

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