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Thanks for the Bash

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A huge thanks to Mark (The Cat).


For those who don't know: We did have a fox hunt organised but due to unforseen circumstances it wasn't going to happen. Fortunatly for us Mark volunteered himself at the 11th hour (we didn't ask him - he contacted us...hes a nice chap like that icon_wink.gif) He came down all this way first thing in the morning, scouted the route, did the Fox Hunt and even brought some GC merchandise for people to buy.


Cheers Mark it was very kind of you it helped make the day a roaring success.

Chris n Maria


Bear rescues a speciality!

London & UK Geocaching Resources: http://www.sheps.clara.net

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Heigh Ho!!!


I've woken up now, and I don't 'alf ache, but it was all worthwile.


A great day,


greater walk,


even greater caches, and the greatest company!!


Thanx all of you, esp C'n'M'n'B


Take care and hope to see you all again soon.






I'm NOT lost, I know exactly where I am, I'm here!

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Hey, guys, thanks for a lovely day!


Just a shame Essex is so far from Winchester (or is it Winchester that's a long way from Essex?)... looks like I'll be dropping by one day (I sometime pass near when out on business) to finish off the caches I couldn't do yetserday.


Paul, Michael & Callum


Noone in their right mind would place a cache THERE....

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