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Event geo-art


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I've seen geo-arts in many forms - unknown, traditional, multi, letterbox, adventure lab, Wherigo... but I've never heard of a geo-art in events. You could even go as far as to have a geo-art of CITOs. The tough part would be making sure that the locations are appropriate. It's almost like you'd need to live in a city with the correct layout of parks to allow you to make a picture from them, or perhaps along stretches of a greenway. 

It'd be temporary for sure, since archiving makes events as good as invisible. For it to really be a geo-art, I feel like they'd all need to be posted in advance so they can be seen on the map together.


You then get into issues of event stacking. Even if you keep things at least 20 miles or 2 hours apart, you run the risk of burning out the local cachers through event saturation.
One blustery spring in Idaho that forgot to turn warm, we had a string of events in coffee shops. The local crew of 5 or so were liking it. Here's a picture of it. That is far from geo-art, but it does show consideration for event saturation. We varied the topics at each one as well as picking new locations.

Side note - the best geo-arts tend to use a variety of types for different icon colors. I wonder if events have been used as part of multi icon geo-arts. Recurring events in one location are totally a thing - A library or university having a monthly meet up... There would always be an 'upcoming event'. Alternatively, you could also have the events present only some of the time as a part of a multi icon geo-art so the image is dynamic and changes with time, like eyes blinking, a laser firing, or something like that.


What do you think? I recon it could be done within the guidelines, it would just take a lot of careful planning to make the events each individually worth attending, while still making an actual picture outline for the art.

The cocoa crawl map.png

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The local Event Stacking rules in the UK would make this virtually impossible.


Surely the "joy" of Geo-Art is being able to see them on the map, with regular caches we can see them on the map before we find them and after we've found them as smilies, and they will be on the map for years as long as the caches are still active; Events can only be published up to 3 months before the event and they're archived within a month of the event completing so they'd only be visible for 4 months at most.


Personally I don't see the point, but then I'm not a particular fan of Geo-Art anyway.

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