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  1. The geocaching app is silent when you make a find (which I recon is a good decision to not force everyone to hear a repetitive sound). But what if you yourself want to celebrate each time you make a find, or a milestone find? Lately I've been listening to This Jingle I found but cannot figure the source for each time I make a find. (link to audio file on my google drive) For android users you can turn any audio file into a 1x1 widget on your home-screen. I'm sure there's an equivalent on Apple. That way it's just one click on the phone and convenient. WHAT tune would you like to listen to each time you make a find? I'm guessing something short. I'm excited to see what everyone thinks of. Here's a few I thought of: 'To be continued' (from roundabout by Yes, popularized by Jojo) Zelda found item sound Sonic coin Mario 1-up Mario power-up Victory sound from Megaman Mario kart start of race jingle 'Bust a move' (originally from found a child by Ballin Jack) Magnum P.I. snippet from intro A-Team theme snippet Riff from Reelin in the years by Steely Dan Riff from la grange by ZZ top Riff from eye of the tiger by survivor Riff from fire by Kasabian Riff from fortunate son by Creedence Clearwater Revival Riff from Oye Como Va by Santana Riff from shining star by Earth Wind Fire Opening riff from 'work to do' by Average white band
  2. I tried checking out GCBCE and I got nothing. A regular size traditional called 'water walker' on an island in Maine accessible at low tide. Red herring. I don't think BCE is a GC code reference. Other dead ends found on acronymfinder.com include: 'Before Common Era' Banca Centrale Europea Biotechnology Center of Excellence Base construction Engineering Base Civil Engineer Bus Control Element Buffer Control Element Battlefield Control Element Battlefield Coordination Element Board for Court Education Bureau de Cooperation Educative Base Commercial Equipment Base-level commercial Equipment
  3. Before posting a new thread I look around for existing threads that resemble the topic. Your response leads me to think it is better to make a unique thread every time instead of adding to an existing one around the topic. I am fairly new to forums in general. Did the sound come through though?
  4. You can always choose to make your own celebration when you hit a milestone. Some people have a ceremonial event or cache hidden at milestones. I say, celebrate the journey, not just the destination. I'm now playing a song snippet upon finding each cache. I flip flop between, "roundabout" by yes, "Found a child" by Ballin jack, and some 6 second snippet I don't recognize, but it is a notification sound on zedge listed as fanfare with a 'jazz' label. Android users can have an audio file added to their homescreen as a widget for easy access. I'm sure Apple has a similar option. What song or sound would you do each find? The Zelda find sound? Mario coin sound? 'Celebration' by Kool & the gang?
  5. So true. Someone wanting to do such a long distance multi that isn't there often for work would probably need a friend that lives by the distant stage and agrees to manage the other caches. The friend's username would need to be sent in with the cache submission, and you'd probably want to list the cache author as both of you.
  6. Is there any ruling that denies a multi cache crossing borders? Like could you have one start in Bangladesh and finish in Uraguay?
  7. I found something along those lines in Minneapolis but I cannot seem to retrace my steps as to what it was. I wanted to build a similar cache with a phone number and a pre-recorded message, but I can't seem to find a way to do it below $50/month.
  8. This answers the problem. Not all new phones have ANT+. Here is a list of products that have it: https://www.thisisant.com/directory/filter/~/60/~/ A42 isn't on the list.
  9. I managed to use CHIRPwolf on a Garmin chirp based geocache (GC2K8K0)with android (SamsungA6) back on 6/26/2020. I tried today with a newer phone (SamsungA42) and I cannot get it to work. I heard there is some sort of ANT+ dongle you can buy.
  10. Now they are out of production and not for sale, anyone know of a Garmin Chirp equivalent? ANT+ technology is still actively used for a range of products... I'm not just thinking NFC but something with range just like a chirp.
  11. This thread has covered several different wireless beacon styles: NFC tags Wifi routers Chirps and Radio transmitters. I did a cache in Minneapolis somewhere that had a phone number listed somewhere. You called the phone number and it was just a 'recorded message line'. Nothing the other end, nothing to get transferred to, no answer machine, just a pre-recorded message. The phone call used the electromagnetic spectrum like the rest did but would that count as a wireless beacon? It doesn't match any of the 'examples' on https://www.geocaching.com/help/index.php?pg=kb.chapter&id=127&pgid=303 but do you think it would still count? I don't know how they set it up and after looking around for a while, I can't seem to find how they did it.
  12. Garmin Chirps are out of production by Garmin themselves and there are just a few bouncing around ebay and such. Does anyone know of any equivalent using the ANT+ technology that would be a modern alternative to Chirps? NFC tags are decent but the range is a real limitation compared to the almighty chirp.
  13. I agree, I try to see it through the lense of a historical stat. It's not a reminder of negativity but a landmark to overcome in positive. There are some streak versus slump challenges near me. But you are right, it is odd that such a stat is recorded. I have some challenges coming out focusing on odd stats, like longest multi cache hidden date streak on the cumulative years calendar. Super weird stat.
  14. As far as I can tell, the only country without a geocache is North Korea. I'm going off the list of countries as per the E.U., so countries like 'Lovely' and 'Bir Tiwal' are not on the list, though Lovely does have a cache. I was surprised there's caches in Vatican City and Antarctica.
  15. Wow, that is a milestone all in its own right there. I doubt I'll ever reach the limit of 100 lists (or the limit of 1000 caches per list). I prune old lists once I'm done with them mostly. I have 58 right now and about half of those are about to get tossed.
  16. Ambiguity clarification: Are you thinking the challenge category is defunct and now it is represented with an attribute. Or are you thinking challenges as a whole are defunct? I confess, American is my second language so I had to look up Defunct (No longer existing or functioning). If you are thinking along the lines of challenges as a whole being defunct, I personally disagree and think they're alive and well. There are are a bunch being released in my area in South East Idaho and I think they enrich the game. I'd say my friends like challenges too but they don't like challenges.... they LOVE them.
  17. How exciting for the ones we have left to come out. I'm an impatient fool who wants things now but as an optimist, I'll wager the vast majority will come to light, just not quite yet.
  18. This shows as 1912 results as of right now.
  19. That is very 'on brand' for me. My music taste, news updates, etc tends to lag behind everyone else. Did you know there are phones with more than one camera now! Edit: The wife and I discovered this thing called a microwave. It's gonna revolutionize our cooking game. One day I'll catch up.
  20. Done one in my own country - yeah they are rare. A friend and I now just host our own CITOs and do as many as we want. Trying to wait for other people took waaay too long and they were always too far away to get to / get time off work for.
  21. that sounds quite mean and exclusive of some people but I say that as one excluded from about 30% of the geocaches in the next town next to mine. There are a staggering number of puzzle caches that are the 'guess what I'm thinking' style where you completely get it or you just don't. I don't like them and in puzzles I build I try to give an example so people have a foot hold to start with. But that said, even though I don't like them, I am not sad that they are there, I just focus my attention on other geocaches. I do still work on those puzzles I don't like and can't seem to grasp and every now and then I can get it. I think its the same with whereigos, NFC tags, VR, and other tech. It takes a while to figure out but it is rewarding when you do. My phone recently was updated and whereigos stopped working, the folder for cartridges became unviewable unless plugged into a computer, and I still have to download via a computer hookup and manually sort to the right folder that the app can 'see'. It was a headache but it has made that advanced tech not a wedge keeping me away, but a challenge to overcome. I managed to figure it after about 8 months of trying things and it was really satisfying.
  22. I like the idea of something being findable sound nice at first I keep on coming up with issues. High terrain, high difficulty, distance/travel limitations, lacking equipment like a boat, XC skis, rock climbing equipment.... This comment was from 2012 and at this point almost 100% of phones have NFC capability but the idea still is valid for the next tech that comes out, such as Virtual Reality caches. People always have the option to not do the few that have something they are not capable of thanks to the great saturation of the game board with easy traditionals. I for one love the crazy tech we get to use. I just got an order of NFC tags but I'm trying to fill the cache page with clear instructions so all can use them.
  23. I've been wanting to do that at either of the climbing walls I've worked at and it is a NO since they are businesses and physical geocaches cannot be inside businesses. I had a cool climbing hold I'd hollowed out and installed a magnet to - it stuck to the brand of screw-in t-nuts we use at the wall. I had a cord connected and threaded through the back of the wall to the access panel. In the test runs People climb up and get to this hold in a bare spot in between 2 anchors at the top, pull gently and it comes off in their hand and down to the ground revealing the cache inside next to the magnet (all flush so it sits flat on the wall). Then at the access panel, the cord could be pulled to reset the climbing hold. It spun around and was in a different orientation each time but it stuck and worked. But it was not allowed. We can go inside businesses for non physical stages EG: events. https://www.geocaching.com/help/index.php?pg=kb.chapter&id=128&pgid=781 makes it sound like no physical or virtual stage of a non-event cache can be in a business, though it doesn't explicitly state it: Geocaching is primarily an outdoor activity, but in some cases you can hide geocaches indoors. You must get permission from the building owner or manager. Players must be able to find the cache without interacting with staff in the building. Indoor caches cannot have commercial overtones or be inside a business. Indoor caches can never be traditional caches. Indoor caches must follow the GPS rule below. I wonder if virtual stages of a multi cache could be reasoned. I doubt it, but you could run the idea past your reviewer.
  24. Change found date to hidden date. Challenge to find 6 types of geocache that were hidden on the same date. I'm working toward hiding a challenge like that. Right now I have GC9TJ0Z (5 types hidden every month challenge) published and active. Finding 5 types every month was a bit time limited. Part of the issue HQ is trying to avoid is someone intentionally NOT finding a cache so they can ration it for a challenge, like not finding a multi so they can find it in a particular month.
  25. I need to do exactly this. I'm announcing that I will archive soon. Then I'll archive and republish with a clean log at the correct D/T. Everyone who found it gets to keep that fizzy but going ahead it will be the correct rating.
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