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Esscafe make 100!!!!

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So there I was, over at Stockbridge Down, laying a special "Geocache Trail" for the Scouts for tonight, when I returned to my car.... at the same time, 4 ladies returned to the adjacent car. There was a "crime prevention" laminated card on their widnscreen, and I asked where she had got it from.


At this point, one of the other ladies spotted the Geocaching sticker on MY car, and asked "are you 'one of them'?". Guessing that she understood geocaching, I admitted that I was... at which point she introduced her team as "Esscafe", that I was the first other geocacher they had met, and explained that the "Up & Down Again" cache there was their 100th!!!!


Well done ladies!!!!!



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Well done on reaching your first 100.


It's hard to believe but you'll find your second hundred comes around in no time. It's just like getting older - birthdays come sooner & sooner. I should know icon_wink.gif




It is better to regret something you did, rather than to regret something you didn't do.

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Thanks guys.



a) my first, for getting me started;

:) my last, for the numbers;

c) all in between, because the concept of the game is so NICE in a world that is going mad. I


I have virtually met soo many of you, but it was good to really meet a cacherr at my 100th.

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