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Helping someone hide a cache.....

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I reckon it depends on your level of help provided. If it was just useful advice and you don't know where the cache is actually situated then I don't see a problem in you seeking it and logging it. However, if you were there at the placement, or know exactly where the cache is hidden then it seems a bit pointless to log it as a find.


Having said that, if you want to log it, log it and if you don't, don't. They're only numbers after all.



mobilis in mobili

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We had a similar dilemma. As a family, we often geocache together. However, I seem to be the most enthusiastic and so it was me that hid our two caches. The wife has since been out and found them and wants to log them but it doesn't seem right as they're our caches.


I guess we could put notes on the log pages. In the end I told her to settle for the warm glow inside that comes from knowing she did it!

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There was much silly debate about this when I logged a cache as a find after helping someone place it. I was actually there at the placement so would know exactly where it was.


The reason I logged it as a find was to clear it off my "caches near you not found" list. For the sake of one number, I couldn't really care.


However, after complaints (from those wishing to be the true first finders!), I changed it to a note.


Like you say, it's only numbers after all! icon_smile.gif



Seek and ye shall find (tupperware, ammo boxes, bears, free ISP CDs...)

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This also covers the question, who gets the credit when 2 or more cachers place a cache together.

Some of us have been asking for the ability to have multiple people setting a cache.


(The more important question is how does a Texan deal with being refered to as a "Yank"?)



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I know the feeling about who gets th credit if 2 cachers hide the same box, if me and Pid both had credit for all our hides we would be on 40 odd each which is the actual amount I have hidden, not the 20 odd my list says!


Back to the origonal question I think it depends on the help you give. Pid has hidden some caches alone and only under his name, which I have claimed as finds. When I hide 1 he refuses to log it even if I havn't told him anything about it! Spose its just down to what you thinks right. if you don't know where your friend has put the cache and you use your gps to find it I don't personally see any reason not to log it?!?


Its just a hunt for a lunch box, why be so serious!?! badgerslayer.gif


Dan Wilson - www.Buckscaching.co.uk

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Originally posted by Wronskian:


The reason I logged it as a find was to clear it off my "caches near you not found" list. For the sake of one number, I couldn't really care.



I know the problem, there's a number of caches near me that I don't intend going for at the moment, either because I have to pay to enter the place they are hidden (I know that's another contentious issue), or because I don't have the right equipment (Watermead 3) or because the cache is thought to be missing or whatever. It would be nice to be able to have something like 'Post a Note' except it would be 'Remove from Nearest'.


That way it would tidy up my to do list and wouldn't affect my stats with an inflated total.




It is better to regret something you did, rather than to regret something you didn't do.

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Why not accept the fact that the "caches near you" list was never intended as a "to do" list. The correct solution is not to log fake finds but to implement some feature that provides the required functionality e.g. perhaps request the feature from gc or use some alternative such as gcuk.com




The second ten million caches were the worst too.


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