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  1. Thanks for that, I guess I should have started there to begin with Tiffany
  2. Hi Guys! I have a travelbug I want to plant in a cache hopefully in Calgary where we will be for just 2 days in September. I've been trying to find an easy access cache which will accomadate a tiny tb, basically if the cache is large enough to accept the tag then the rest will fit in! As we are staying at the Palliser I was wondering if there was anything in the general area that would be suitable? Its got to be reasonably easy to access or my husband who is a non-cacher will get grumpy! Any help will be gratefully received! Cheers, Tiffany
  3. Ah, thanks for that info I am not sure that either of those two is the kind of thing I am after but while doing some more poking around in old threads I've come across the Garmin Quest. Its more orientated to being used in a car with caching or 'off-road' use being second best but I think if I combine that with my little etrex I should be sorted If anyone else has any other ideas though I would still be interested Thanks again! Tiffany
  4. My hubby and I have a couple of etrex's which we use when we eventually manage to get out and about for caching. But I am now looking for something I can use in the car too for street-by-street instructions and which I can also load co-ordinates into for caching. Has anyone got any thoughts or advice on this? All help will be much appreciated! Especially as i've just passed my driving test and hubby wants to buy it for me for xmas! Cheers! Tiffany P.S In case it makes any difference, I am based in the UK
  5. I picked up a tb while on vacation in Florida which I bought back to the UK with me. Somewhere along the line I managed to lose it. After searching high and low I contacted the bug owners, told them what I had done and offered them an unactivated tb I had. I emailed them the number and activation code in order for them to activate it and to be the owners. They did this and so are the new owners of the replacement bug. I also went out and purchased a suitable item to go with the bug and so had it all ready here to place. Well, I have now found the original bug!! Doh! Of course, the owners are thrilled as this means it wont have lost all the mileage it gained coming over here to the UK. They have offered to give me back the bug I gave them however, its currently owned by them. Is it possible to alter the owner of a tb? I have a feeling that once its owned by someone, thats it. Can anyone confirm this for me please? All help appreciated! Tiffany
  6. When I found out about caching and explained it to my hubby, he loved the idea cos it meant playing with gadgets........ The thing is, he has lost interest while I still love it. Unfortunately I dont have my own transport and so am limited in what I can do. I usually go caching with my sister and her little boy (The Scooby Snacks). My brother has just got hooked too cos of me! I know my dad would have loved it.....not so sure about my Mum!! Tiffany
  7. I caught you boasting big bruv Glad to see you are enjoying yourself. Tiffany
  8. Large lunchboxes aside I think you have come up with a brilliant way of solving this. It does only really work for smaller areas however, its a good start. I should be submitting preliminary pages for both my planned caches at the weekend! Many thanks Tiffany
  9. Thanks Lactodorum and others for your feedback It was just something I was thinking about this morning and I could imagine the egg someone would have on their face if it was to happen! Tiffany
  10. I'm trying to get permission from the land owners/managers for a couple of caches and wondered if there was anything I can do to temporarily 'reserve' the locations while we are working things out. Is this possible? If not, perhaps it should be something which is looked into. People are becoming much more concientious about getting permission and if someone else comes along and places a cache without permission while discussions are ongoing, this could affect the way landowners regard caching. Tiffany
  11. Well, the most modern 'gadget' I get to use at work is a sewing machine which is about 40 years old! I'm a Journeyman Saddler you see and until very recently, we didnt even have a pc at work! I'm the gadget freak of the family though but this is restricted due to funds. My husband follows the general pattern though, he is a Senior Internet Manager for a travel company. Tiffany
  12. Is it just me, or does it seem like a lot of people read the first post of a thread then hit reply. I thought the subject of out of date or incorrect data had been discussed and addressed in this thread? southdeltan No, we dont just read the first post then hit reply. I didnt notice any comments from Jeremy addressing the poor UK data included in the demo (purely the catalonian) and I certainly didnt see any comment about whether a requirement to have correct date could be based on whether it had been paid for or not. Tiffany
  13. Having just checked out this map and seeing that my village was about 4 miles away from where it is supposed to be, I dont think I am going to be bothering to use this when it becomes available. The thing is, if this data cost money, shouldnt there be some sort of requirement on the supplier to provide correct information? At the moment I think I shall stick with streetmaps for the uk! Tiffany
  14. Global Positioning Systems for mine too. Nice fast service. Tiffany
  15. Ooh, I'm interested.....why do you no longer log your finds Bassoon-Pilot? You obviously go to a lot of trouble to ensure Tb's are delt with in the right way so its not laziness..... I'm intrigued Tiffany
  16. There are a fair number of people out there who dont log caches on the geocaching website. It might be with some of them that the cache is also featured on another cache website and they logged it there. It also might be simply that they prefer not to. You will never get everyone logging their finds here. I wouldnt worry about it too much. These people are enjoying themselves without harming anyone after all. Tiffany
  17. mileage is what I am after Admittedly the USA has probably the most caches/cachers/tb's however, it is only one country out of 190-ish. Travelbugs dont move that fast so it should be easy enough to keep tabs on it yourself, perhaps making a note of it in the bug info? I have a tb ( TB6E43) which will be released this spring into a new cache I am planning. His aim is to visit over 60 race courses which I have listed on his page. It didnt take too long to type them up! As he visits them I shall strike them off. Why not do it with the states? Tiffany
  18. Allow caches on their land? I have a certain place in mind that I intend to go and rediscover this weekend with a view to putting a cache there. While the main attraction is owned by English Heritage the land surrounding the cache is at least managed by them, if not owned by them. I wondered what their stance was with regards to caches? I am hoping that the same person is in charge of this place that was there a few years ago as I am pretty sure he would be happy to have one there. Obviously though it always helps to be aware of the official comments on caches before making the initial approaches! If anyone has been laising with EH in any way I would be pleased to hear about it. Thanks, Tiffany P.S Suddenly I feel tired and as if I am not making much sense!
  19. We've just come back from florida and wi-fi was available in so many different places, shopping malls, theme parks and bookshop cafes spring to mind! It made me wish I had taken my laptop along with me, rather than paying the $10 plus it cost for 'high-speed' (ha-ha) access via the tv in my room! Tiffany
  20. The time to panic is when you watch the postie going past your garden path and ignoring your address......... Because a short time later, the van arrives complete with sacks! Tiffany
  21. I wonder if the person in the Lions Club who came up with the "Message in a Bottle" scheme is a cacher? Message in a Bottle Scheme Its a brilliant idea but it does seem odd to consider putting what is basically a cache in your fridge! Tiffany
  22. We have new sig items which we want to start leaving in caches soon!(this weekend hopefully!) They are hand pressed coins from the "Shire" where hobbits live! Let me know your snail mail addy and one will be on its way to you Tiffany
  23. Hi! I am going to be visiting Orlando for a couple of weeks and intend to drop by the tb hotel north of the Airport. If you have any tb's you want to come to the UK, drop them off and I will try to grab them. We arrive on Monday and will probably visit the hotel towards the end of our stay. I anticipate a visit there about the 17th or 18th April. Tiffany
  24. I wonder if now might be a good time for everyone to spring clean their caches? That way we will know if any others have been hit. After all, lots of caches dont have the same frequency of finds during the winter as they do during the summer. Any number of caches could have been wiped out without the owner being aware. I've watched some of the posts in the US forum about cache trashers and its really horrible to see. It amazes me that someone can deliberately go out and spoil someones fun like this. Tiffany
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