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Keep track of changes in D/T ratings

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Sorry if this had been discussed before. 


This is not about changing the d/T rating of a cache after it has been published. 


I can see and understand both sides. I had to adapt ratings of my own caches and I have seen "rare" ratings of caches I have found.. 


To me the most suitable approach is to archive a cache if you have to make adjustments to the rating for whatever reason. At least if the rating is somewhat "unusual" 


Anyway.. Is there any method to keep track of changes in the rating of caches after you have found them? 


Aside from taking notes yourself of course. 


Isn't there a tool or database that tracks changes in the rating? 


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I keep my caches in GSAK, and I maintain the history in there but it's not straightforward.


If you log caches with an app which allows you to create a log template then it might be possible to automatically record the D/T in the template, I use Locus and my template appends this to all my logs:




#2024-04-13 at 13:39
#D1.5/T1.5 - Micro


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