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1 hour ago, StefandD said:



brings you to a portal to several OSM providers.

I had already found that. I know the one in Wuppertal closed, but last time I was directed to another site which used the same maps. That's what I want. I have changed computers due to a fault with the old one, and so no longer have that address. I have been searching for that, but can't find it. Anyone have that address please? I thought it was open street maps,  but could be wrong. I have searched open street map, but can't find the map I want. On that map you click on and highlight sections of the map you want. I might not have  mobile coverage where I am going and need to add maps to my Garmin.


Added: I think I found map. Will see.

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5 hours ago, barefootjeff said:


I've used https://garmin.opentopomap.org/ after someone suggested it in the forums a few years back.

Thank you, I have saved that address. I ended up using the following link. I have downloaded all the places I need. They all worked except Santiago, for unknown reasons. Will try that one again. If it doesn't work I can load Chile off your link.


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2 hours ago, Hynz said:

Please be specific and accurate.

This site provides a multitude of different map styles (including the opentopomap).

EDIT: Sorry I read appealing.......

I have loaded maps for several other places in South America without a problem, but Santiago just won't load a map on either of the two sites mentioned here. My guess, both  sites use the same map source and there isn't one for Santiago. I tried several different map styles, all with the same result. Only the largest of the highways are shown, with no roads in between. Not sure if these came with the map, or are the original very basic map in the Garmin.

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