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  1. Thanks for telling your way. Writing only unique logs is also my personal requirement when heading out. But I'm basically refusing to search for caches along trails where the only way to manage it is splitting up a longer text. Looking at your example may I suggest that you link not to the cache but to your log. Otherwise it's almost impossible to read your adventure. I've done a similar thing (linking my logs forward and backward) following a set of hiking multis forming together a longer trail. See here: https://coord.info/GLNXB2HY
  2. It's been some time that I set up a PQ but I'm sure there is a rather limited maximum distance (I think it was 100 miles, right?) So If you want a worldwide search you need to have two PQs. In one you should select countries and in the list click-select the first country, scroll down and shift-click-select the last country I think the USA is the only country not included in the above PQ so you need another PQ selecting all (or at least all US) states.
  3. Thanks, you put it in much better words than I have done. You must definitely have another definition of "interesting" than I have But I certainly agree that placing uninteresting caches is not bound to high number owners.
  4. I have a hard time believing there exist hiders able to hide and maintain thousand(!) caches and all of the caches deserve nice and individual logs. But what do I know....
  5. That's one of my favorite things about adventure labs in addition to learning something from the locations it brings me to. Strange. This must come from comparing stages of ALs with urban Trads without hint (regarding muggles) and without location (regarding learning). I understand the immediate feedback and streak issue but I would say the rest of the Like-arguments in that list could be much better experienced by following a proper set up Multi.
  6. Amazing! Has this bug ever been reported? Or is anybody of the opinion this is not a bug?
  7. I'm not playing this side game and don't want to start the old dicussion about FTFs but I do get the thrill being the first finder of a cache. But what stretches my imagination by far is how can it be satisfying for anybody being "giftet" with an FTF by hindering others to claim a find?
  8. Hast du die dir in diesem Thread mehrfach gegebenen Hinweise, dass du naemlich innerhalb der EU weitestgehend ohne zusaetzliche Kosten das Internet auf deinem Smartphone zu den gleichen Konditionen nutzen kannst wie zuhause: ( ) nicht verstanden ( ) vergessen ( ) ignoriert ( ) nicht geglaubt ( ) oder willst du uns deine Selbstbeschreibung als DAU weiter demonstrieren
  9. Du hast voellig recht. Frau Brigitte hat offensichtlich kein Hintergrundwissen zu diesem Ausdruck und mit diesem Blogposting wird er wohl noch weiter verwaessert werden. Man muss aber positiv anmerken, dass Punkt 4 inhaltlich ziemlich stark ist. Wenn Leser diesen ernst nehmen wuerden gaebe es einen massiven Einbruch bei den Neuveroeffentlichungen
  10. Sorry, I thought you mean using the app. But it's also new to me and embarrassing to learn that Garmin only allows to make actual logs and not also provide the ability to write drafts.
  11. Yes now I can confirm ("Play", "Community", "Shop" and the "Down Arrow" on the right side only reload the profile page) Sorry, I missed the link to the public profile in the OP.
  12. I have no problems (Win10, Firefox and Vivaldi) All links in the green nav bar are working as expected for me.
  13. You know instead you can (and IMHO should) write drafts and edit them at home? There is no need for sending out any default logs from the field.
  14. As already mentioned it is unfortunately not a problem with the site but an intentional cutback for basic members. So the actual problem is that Groundspeak considers this just as an unimportant convenience and not as an essential source of information. Currently you can still use this link but there is no doubt it will go away sooner or later https://www.geocaching.com/seek/nearest.aspx
  15. IMNSHO *every* default logtext which is not edited individually for the very cache demonstrates lack of appreciation. Please don't let yourself draw down to such behaviour already in your early days of this fine hobby.
  16. That's what I think. Not to forget there is and always was the action "Recalculate Distance" TB owner could trigger to straighten an eventually messed up log history.
  17. Thanks for confirming that I'm not the only one who is sure there was a silent change in that list of the map view. I started the thread Max and 99 is refering to and to my surprise the few responding participants have the opinion that it always was the case and is logical anyway. I can't argue about the second reason but I'm missing the one-page view of *all* logs.
  18. Below on that seek-page is a link to "advanced search options" this leads to https://www.geocaching.com/seek/nearest.aspx from there it workes (for now.....)
  19. Interesting.... I'm caching for 17 years and could swear that the "map"-display always (and even some months ago) was a way to view *all* logs in a non-paginated view. I regulary use it. Maybe I'm getting old ......
  20. In that specific case of the OP I most probably would write a Note but it could also be a DNF especially if this cache was the only target on my hike. To those who repeatatly state that without reaching GZ they never write a DNF: Do you only have Traditionals in mind or is this equaly valid for you when you fail finding a stage along a Multi? In that case I definitely will write a DNF.
  21. Twinklekitkat followed up via a personal message to me. Since it's on topic and maybe intersting for others here my answer: When you open the link you should see two drop-down menus. On the first you select what cache types should be searched for and the default is "All Geocaches" The second drop-down menu selects by what criteria you want to search. Depending on the selection additional drop-down menus or text boxes appear. Doing this for your question (Multis found by Twinklekitkat) I'm getting this URL: https://www.geocaching.com/seek/nearest.aspx?ul=Twinklekitkat&ex=0&cFilter=a5f6d0ad-d2f2-4011-8c14-940a9ebf3c74&children=n A problem is that this only works for the first resulting page. When you click on page 2 the restrictions on Multis unfortunately is not followed any longer. I wonder if eventualy there exist a solution to that.
  22. Two comments to that posting: *) After installing, using and closing Fizzy.exe I also got this error message when I startet Fizzy.exe again. Since a reboot of my PC it works flawless *) I also generated the gpx out of GSAK and learned that I need to restrict the logs to exclusively my own logs. Otherwise the program throws interesting results
  23. Thanks for your reply. As you phrase it, it might indeed be seen as a new feature and not a bug. But my point is, this unpaginated view including all logs and all log types was (even at times with much less "discovered" and "took" logs) basically the only somehow sensible way to scroll through the history of a trackable and to eventually detect interesting logs or particular issues. But I guess you're right and this new way of presenting is welcomed by most......
  24. Good work! Thanks so much. Works great and is an interesting way to explore my history. Nice to quickly view the content of my found logs. What I would like to see is: *) European and/or ISO date format (dd/mm/(yy)yy, yyyy-mm-dd) *) also the name of the cache (and not only the CG-number) is displayed on that log window *) no need to exactly hit the OK button to close the log window
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