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How do I make a complaint about Geocaching itself, without going through the contact form or general email address??? I ask because I never get replies and if I do they refuse to take on-board that they have made a mistake and not myself. I'm frustrated at the amount of emails I've sent recently that go unanswered despite the "email received" guff

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Geocaching HQ is pretty much the top of the chain. It sounds like they have replied to you, if you keep e-mailing about the same issue or something similar they are probably going to ignore it if they've already given you a previous reply. 


If you feel it's something very wrong you can always post about it somewhere publicly (ex. social media) and then I'm sure the community would hold them accountable. I think it's important to remember though that HQ is trying to make the best decisions for geocachers overall, so that sometimes involves making decisions that may make us as individuals upset. It's always good to keep in mind it's a game intended to be fun. I hope you can figure out whatever issue you're having though. :)

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I did not receive a notification that there was a new message on my page saying I needed to enable my cache. If you read the first message from them, I am told to "write note". That is what I did, I was not made aware of the second message. I regularly check my emails but why would I think to look on an archived cache "just in case". I do have a life. They never read the emails properly. You are invited to reply above the line but then you don't get an answer to that either. 

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Hello IndigoRaven76,


I suppose you're talking about the Col du Pourtel geocache. If I read the map correctly, nothing prevents that you publish a new cache at the same coordinates and with the same description. Maybe you will call it “Col du Pourtel [RELOADED]” or something like that and that's it.

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9 minutes ago, IndigoRaven76 said:

I did not receive a notification that there was a new message on my page saying I needed to enable my cache.


But you did receive a specific note on December 5, reminding you to Enable your cache page.  You made a mistake by just writing a note when you replaced your cache on November 27th.  I found it courteous that your Reviewer explained the correct process.  You then made a second mistake by ignoring the Reviewer notes, leading to the archival of your cache on January 4th (four weeks after the reminder note).  If you are not checking your emails, that's on you.


The instruction to use a "Write Note" log only applied if you were planning to replace the cache, but could not yet do that.  When you do replace a cache so that it's ready to be found again, the correct log type is "Enable."

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Please read my note above. I did not receive an email about the note regarding 'enabling' the cache. I check my email several times a day, including any spam!

I did follow the instructions of writing  a note. 

1. Had I known I needed to enable the      cache, I would have done. 

2. I did not receive an email. 

3. The full instructions should have             been given in the first instance and       not just an afterthought by the        reviewer. 

I've played this nearly 7 years. This used to be fun. 

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25 minutes ago, IndigoRaven76 said:

I've played this nearly 7 years.


I find it hard to believe that you can make such a mistake with seven years of experience. All the time you saw this on the top of your profile page (unless you are using the old one).




Just copy the content of the original cache to a new one and publish the cache again as @Tungstène suggested. Problem solved!

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I'm either being very dense or not explaining myself properly (either is quite plausible). I cannot fathom how I have made a mistake? I only have a few hides to my name. 1 is achieved which I accept, due to a brief illness and hysterectomy.......

Everything I do is on my mobile, I do not know if it's an old or new version. I get email notifications for all my géocaching EXCEPT about enabling the cache itself. If I don't know, then I simply don't know. Therein lies my frustration. 

Yes I can make a new cache page (the container itself is in situe since replacing it)..... But that is not the point. I've done everything I had been instructed to do. 

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4 minutes ago, IndigoRaven76 said:

Everything I do is on my mobile,


This explains a lot. As a cache owner you are supposed to have decent tools. This is why you can not publish a cache with the Mobile App.

Due to limitations of your toolset, you have missed some vital information you need.


12 minutes ago, IndigoRaven76 said:

I cannot fathom how I have made a mistake?


You logged a Note when trying to Enable your cache after you Disabled it. This is a clear mistake, although I understand how it could happen under the circumstances. Now, after you have told that you should use Enable for enabling the listing, you should understand that you made a mistake here. If you don't understand why this was a mistake, then this may happen again.

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