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Moving map from old Map60 csx to new Map60 csx

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A leaking battery killed my Map60 csx and I bought a used one for less than Garmin charges to fix one. Removed the micro sd card with north american city maps on it to the new/er one but it is only showing the base map.(No streets or side roads) How to fix this please?? Thanks

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Likely due to copy protection; they want you to buy new maps for a new unit.  (From memory, corrections welcome.)


Suggestion:  those maps will be old.  Buy a new memory card (assuming new huge-capacity ones will work in an old unit) or scrounge a reusable old card of suitable size.  Download OpenStreetMap, which will be free and current.


I'm not up on details (I stopped using my Garmins years ago), but they can be found with a forum search, and/or others will chime in here with more info.  Best of luck.


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As you know, the Garmin GPSMap 60CSx is an older handheld GPS unit. The City Navigator North America is a similar vintage routable mapset. The version of City Navigator that I purchased in the 2007 time frame had a license that limited the installation of the maps on two GPS devices. The licensing was tied to the serial number of the GPS device. The installation of the maps on the microSD card in the GPS device was accomplished using Garmin MapSource software. MapSource was later superseded by Garmin BaseCamp.


If you have a valid unlock code for the City Navigator mapset, and have a version of MapSource with the maps installed, the maps could be installed on the new to you 60CSx.


Another option is to use some of the free maps available, or purchase new maps. The installation of maps on the older Garmin GPS units was more complicated than the process for the newer units. With the newer units one may simply copy files to the microSD card. The 60CSx is limited to one mapset. The installation process from MapSource would take care of combining multiple mapsets into a single installation. If one only wants a single mapset life is easier.        


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Bought this so long ago so I have no clue if I have 2 unlock codes or none at all. I did try openmaps on another unit but it never did work well, no streets and no navigation. P.S. This *New to me Map60 CSX * is showing me to be traveling about 30 ft left of the base map roads so would sure hate to spend $89.99 - 99.00 for the maps just to have them locked to a GPS that is messed up. Any clue as to what may be wrong? *Did I just highjack my own thread? Nooooooooo* P.P.S. Thanks for the time yall have spent trying to help.

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Try again with the OSM maps.  OSM is just a database, and various maps are built from that.  One well-known provider of OSM-based maps (the ".nl" one) just stopped updating one day, became a zombie site.  There are other providers of OSM maps for Garmin, but again, I'm not the one to know details.


If you're willing to move over to a phone, your options expand dramatically.  You want topo contours, hill shading, and auto-routing on trails, with spoken directions in a sultry voice, why yes, we have several choices...


PS about your Garmin, that 30' off-ness doesn't sound too unusual; tomorrow it might be 30' off in the other direction.  And/or, that basemap might've been misaligned.  Those units are considered excellent for GPS accuracy, but even today, no unit is perfect.  Modern phones are fully up to the task too, so you have lots of quality choices.


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I don't even remember how long ago I bought the city navigator map but it was the whole country and it was on a 2GB micro SD card plus all I had to do as far as I remember was install it under the batteries and it worked. Don't know if it came with unlock codes or not. Cant find it on Garmin site and don't trust the ebay/amazon pages because they are not 2GB cards or you have to choose what sections of the country you want to download, etc.etc.  Not going back to Canada and not going back to Mexico so only need the USA  Plus a lot of the maps say "Used" and that is not going to work. Thanks for your time

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My previous reply on this topic was aimed at the DVD version of city navigator. My recollection is that the microSD version of city navigator was locked to the microSD card, and not a particular GPS receiver. Is it possible that the microSD card was damaged in the battery issue in the old 60CSx device? Try cleaning the contacts on the card. Another possibility is the microSD card is only loosely mounted in the 60CSx. The latching mechanism on the 60CSx was always getting loose on my units so I made it a practice of re-latching the card every time I changed the batteries. 

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I have downloaded OSM maps to the mocro sd card and see it on there but no how, no way, have I been able to get the GPS to see the maps.(Not if using Updater, not using Express, not using Basemap, etc. etc. etc.)  **What yall think of the program Mapwel?** It is $100 and no guarantee or money back if it doesn't work. I can not find the original NT map that will fit on this unit (2GB) so bought a 4GB card but still with no luck with topo's or roads. I've read all the tips until I'm almost blind  nothing works, even when trying to upload to my other 60csx's so it is not the cards or the reader or the unit or my hat is too tight, etc. etc. So where can I buy the maps on a microsd card that will install/work? Thanks. 

P.S. And yes I have also read "Just toss it in the trash and use your smart phone"

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It's been a while, but I had great luck with the free OSM maps on a 60csx when I was carrying that combination, but I was also realistic that they were great for topo and recreational data but not as awesome at the latest subdivisions, the hours and phone numbers of businesses, and other things that were just better gathered by licensing data sets instead of relying upon volunteers. I don't even remember the site I used, but I basically selected what time zones (longitude bands) and continents I wanted and it mailed me half an hour later when the data was ready to download or, after larger SD cards came into vogue, you could just selected "pre-baked" bands for continents/countries/regions of interest. Even after I started road navigating with better suited hardware, I carried street maps on my hiking units just as orientation so I could know if I was walkign to or away from a road I could hear or see upcoming rivers to cross or such. Oh, I also used the OSM data when I was traveling out of country and needed maps for a week that I didn't want to buy for $100. Interestingly, they tended to be better in smaller, more rural areas because users had to make their own maps as the big providers couldn't justify it while a local was more motivated to make their own areas better. When I did the last real APE cache in Brazil, every water fountain was marked...it was quite impressive.

I'm a reasonably technical guy and even my threshold of pain for building my own Garmin maps from the "raw" OSM data was too much. I always did the lazy thing and downloaded the rgn or img or supp or whatever they were called and always took the route of just removing the card and copying the files to the card from my (non-Windows) computrs.

No way, no how would I spend $100 for a road mapping solution for a 60CSx in modern times. That $100 can probably get you two used Nuvis that include lifetime map upgrades AND the replacement batteries they're sure to need. Large, touch screens and spoken directions while you're driving vs the 60CSx is just night and day different.

It's been a long time since I cared about this combination and custom carto for free is a committment that not everyone will undertake forever, so it's not totally surprisign that I recognize few of the players, but skimming https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/OSM_Map_On_Garmin/Download, gmaptool.eu (I'm in US) and OpenMapChest are the two that sound familiar, but my experience is from long ago.

But this receiver is also from long ago. 60CS was 2004 and 60CSx was 2006.

How about a different take on your problem? How extensive was your battery leak data? Can you swap the PCB from your old one into a less acid-eaten case and connector grid?

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Just to clarify something for Robert's and maybe the OP's benefit...


The "street" in OpenStreetMap is a bit misleading.  It does streets of course (and mapping companies like TeleNav have actually hired people to improve street navigation), but I can comfortably assert that OSM has become the best source for trail maps, generally worldwide.  I travel, I cache, and OSM is all I use.  Groundspeak builds their maps from OSM.  All thanks to those volunteers.


So if the OP has any hiking at all in their caching plans, again, I'll urge the use of a map based on OSM.  Some surely still exist for Garmin.

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Somewhat off-topic question here, but... It's 2024 - why are we still stuck on the gpsMAP 60 csx? I get using one if that's what you've had and it still works. But when yours breaks, why buy a new one when there are much more modern solutions that are easier to work with? Without even going to the latest models, a gpsMAP 62 series is more compatible with modern software and hardware protocols  than the 60 csx. It's directly compatible with geocaching. The 64, 65 , and 66 series improve on the 62 by allowing unlimited geocaches and the GGZ file format. The 65 and 66 have higher resolution screens for better readability. 

"The good old days weren't always good and tomorrow ain't as bad as it seems."

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On 1/16/2024 at 10:55 AM, BackpacknJack said:

I don't even remember how long ago I bought the city navigator map but it was the whole country and it was on a 2GB micro SD card plus all I had to do as far as I remember was install it under the batteries and it worked. Don't know if it came with unlock codes or not.

Kind of an old thread and you may have moved on or given up but if you bought City Navigator pre-installed on a micro SD card from Garmin then you can transfer the card from GPS to GPS and it should work. No unlock codes required. 


Here are a couple of things to look at. Go to the map page on the GPS and click menu. Scroll down and select, "Setup". Are any maps listed? Is the check box under, "Show" checked?

Another thing to try is to connect the GPS to a computer with a USB cable. Click the menu button twice and select, "Setup". In the Setup menu select, "Interface". At the top under USB does it say, "Connected"? If it does go down to the bottom and select, "USB Mass Storage". That should open the file manager on your PC and the SD card should show as a USB Drive (#:). In the Garmin folder you should see a map file called, "gmapsupp.img". Anyway that should tell you if there are maps on the SD card and if the GPS can read the card.


I always loved my 60CSx, it was one of my favorite units back in the day. I still have it, and would never part with it, but I haven't used it in years. 

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