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  1. I have seen that happen on my Garmin. It appears to be map and cursor location dependent. I attribute it to a corrupt map feature that may be zoom dependent. In my experience it has only occurred on only a specific map feature/cursor position. Move the cursor away from that feature and things are back to normal.
  2. I used the official geocaching app and Cachly. The false home setting is within 3 miles of where I was caching during the past week. I was on the edge of having cell phone service during this time, sometimes I had it, sometimes I didn't. I don't think there is an option to set the home location within either of the apps.
  3. I haven't excluded foul play but I haven't seen any evidence of any other altered data in my geocaching.com account. There haven't been any new logs, deleted logs, or any other data that I have reviewed. My geocaching.com password isn't a strong one and hasn't been changed in ages. My initial thought was that some website data had been corrupted either by some Groundspeak error or a hardware issue. Since there hasn't been a large group of users commenting with a shared experience this past week, it looks like the issue is more unique to me.
  4. I found that my home location associated with my username had been changed without my involvement. I have some pocket queries that I routinely run that reference my home location and today they didn't return the expected results. A week ago they did. Somehow my home location was moved about 40 miles to the west. I had some recent finds in the general area of the bogus home location. It could be that I had centered the geocaching map at that location but I certainly didn't update my home to that location. Has anybody else had unintended home location changes?
  5. What would happen to the plan if one cacher signed several or even all 13 logs? Since the FTF side game is an activity without universally accepted rules it will forever be fraught with differing perspectives. Round and round we go.
  6. 1. As Mineral2 indicated, use the zoom level settings to manipulate the visibility of geocaches and other items at different zoom levels. 2. I use the GarminExport macro in GSAK to send geocache data in a ggz file to my 64st. One of the features of the macro allows found caches to be exported as POI. I utilize this function as it is sometimes useful to have a point of reference in an area I have visited before.
  7. You didn't state what data was in the gpx files you wanted to upload. Through Basecamp or Mapsource one can upload waypoints and/or tracks that originate from gpx files. The 60cx doesn't support full geocache data like more modern GPS receivers. Maps are in files in IMG format.
  8. I recently traveled and contacted 9 owners of virtuals or EarthCaches to supply the requested site information. Of those 9, 5 remained silent. Of the 4 that replied, 3 were "thank you for visiting" type replies. One of the replies requested the specified photo be posted. I don't wait for replies before posting finds.
  9. Was the latest version of Basecamp/Map Install used to write the map to the microSD? If so, that's a problem. The latest software version has a bug(s) that tends to produce faulty map displays. Better revert back to an older version of the software.
  10. In this situation with my 64st I have had success with the method suggested by on4bam (switching to GPS only instead of GPS+GLONASS). In the past I have tried restarting the satellite acquisition using different methods (auto, manual point) without success. Getting rid of GLONASS seems to be the only solution for my 64st. It appears that something in the GLONASS process gets corrupted and it takes a few hours to get corrected. I usually leave GLONASS off until the next day. On my unit GLONASS corruption appears infrequently, perhaps something less than 1% of the time. It seems to appear upon initial power-up. I don't think I have ever seen the unit go from working in GPS+GLONASS to not working while continuously powered. It has occurred when powering up after only seconds of off time and hours or days of off time. It could be that something gets corrupted in the power cycle.
  11. I am also having trouble uploading an image to a log.☹️
  12. I have read that the latest version of BaseCamp/MapInstall has issues with 3rd party maps. Those that use maps that aren't from Garmin are recommended to revert back to a previous version.
  13. Items shown on the map can be part of the map, user waypoints, user points of interest, or geocaches. Each of these categories of items has user settable criteria for display. If there are multiple items with the exact same coordinates I am unsure of the method for determining the display of the items. Is it possible there are multiple items at the location of interest for you?
  14. Contrary to my desire, it appears the default geocache filter executed at startup doesn't show all caches. It excludes caches with size set to "other" or "not chosen." Those size selections are common among Earthcaches and caches from CO's that want to be coy about the cache container. Select Menu, Geocache Filter, Quick Filter, Apply Filter to select all geocaches. That assumes that you haven't previously set the filter form to exclude certain items.
  15. "FL Style" is reference to a hide in bootjack or boot of a Sabal palmetto. "GA Style" hides I have encountered have been concealed with a layer of pine needles.
  16. I clicked on a PQ to run and it hasn't run...yet. Looks to me that the response isn't normal.
  17. chuck4564

    GPSmap 62sc

    On my 60csx the microSD card occasionally gets loose in it's mounting. To help avoid this situation I developed the practice of re-seating the card every time I fuss with the batteries. Of course this is only a possible issue with your unit if you have the maps on the microSD card.
  18. Once, when I quickly cycled power, I had the same thing happen. I was try to turn on the backlight. It appears that the unit can get corrupted software in such circumstances. I managed to reload the software/firmware on the unit and all is good now. My recollection is that the update process via the Garmin Updater didn't work. I had to use a more manual approach. I got the file I needed from http://gawisp.com/perry/ It is possible to check the version of software you unit is currently using. If it reads 0.0 then the software has been corrupted. MENU > MENU > Setup > ENTR > System > ENTR > MENU >Software Version > ENTR
  19. So one thing that you've touched on, but you need to clarify in your notes is that the number of caches fluctuate. You'll need to have some snapshot dates, probably at regular intervals. The lovely thing about PQs is once you set them up you can get them to run once a week which is a nice logical interval. Yes, I was thinking about that. Maybe coming up with a growth rate and a "death" rate for when caches are archived. And this would be different for different areas I think. Like maybe urban areas have a faster "death" rate because of more muggles? The death rate is going to be difficult or impossible to determine through a single PQ. In general PQ's don't have archived caches. One can infer the archival of a cache in GSAK by loading PQ's generated on different dates and screening on the last GPX date. Those caches that aren't in the latest PQ are good candidates for caches that were archived.
  20. PQs seem to be having a problem. I had 4 scheduled to run today. 2 are available, 2 not. I didn't receive any emails about the 2 being available.
  21. There is no legal way to do that. The JHolly statement might be accurate but it might not. There was a time that the license agreement for the City Navigator product and some of the other Garmin map products allowed installing the maps on two GPS receivers. I know I made use of that feature. My recollection is that Garmin stopped this two installation agreement in 2008 or 2009. Bikerneal you need to check the license agreement that came with your CN maps. If that license agreement specifies a single installation then JHolly is correct. If you have two installations available then you need to get another unlock code, add that to Mapsource/Basecamp and send the maps to your Montana.
  22. Dear forums.Groundspeak.com I have same the problem. I did step by step at above conversation, but it was not power on by battery (USB cable is OK). Please open mymind: why errors occur on ? Have any problem with user and preservation eqipment to occur the problem or only because hardware damage? I bought 60CSx two years ago, the last time I used it was 1 year ago and removed batery. But today, I insert new AA Alkeline Batery, it doesn't start. is there a way to overcome the problem without sending to Garmin? Thanks so much Have a nice week If a fresh set of batteries, and checking the flexing of contacts doesn't work. Try... 1) Take a pencil erase to the contact and the ends of the batteries to clean off any small amount of corrosion. 2) Check that the two halves of the case of the 60CSx are securely attached to each other. The battery compartment is in the aft half while the bulk of the electronics are in the front half with the screen and buttons. Internal to the unit there are contacts that connect the output of the battery to the front half of the device. If the two halves aren't securely attached the battery output might not properly connect to the electronics. On my 5 yr old 60CSx the plastic parts that accepts the screws had failed at several of the screws and the unit wouldn't start properly. After some disassembly I super glued the broken plastic parts and it works again. Good luck.
  23. gpsfiledepot is still active. A couple weeks ago someone had an issue with getting the confirmation through hotmail but it worked in gmail. Registration Issue Forum Thread
  24. chuck4564


    Those Garmin maps that have locking generally lock a specific map product to a specific serial number GPS receiver. Just because one can view the maps in Basecamp or Mapsource doesn't suggest they will viewable on any Garmin GPS receiver. There was a time were license agreements for Garmin maps allowed the maps to be used on two receivers. For those map products one must obtain a second unlock code from Garmin for the second receiver. To view the city navigator map on your eTrex 20 you will need an unlock code peculiar to the S/N of your eTrex. Your difficulties are not likely related to downloaded gpsfiledepot maps.
  25. GCGs? If you want to download the cache from the listing with the "GPX File" button, associate the gpx extension with the GSAK application in windows. Doing so will facilitate opeing the GSAK application and the gpx file import function in GSAK.
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