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Error when trying adopt cache


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My friend cannot adopt ANY cache. After entering the adoption page, she is informed that the old cache has been archived and cannot be adopted. There is no information that adoption applications are pending for approval.
This is not related to the device in any way - we tried on different computers and phones - with no result.


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I can reproduce this screen with these steps:


1. Create a geocache listing ("Cache 1") on account A.

2. From account A, send an adoption request to account B.

3. Before B accepts the adoption request, use account A to archive the geocache.

4. Create a second geocache listing ("Cache 2") on account A.

5. Also send an adoption request for this listing to account B.


Then, if you log in as account B, and go to geocaching.com/adopt, you see that exact message:



Cache 1 has been archived and is unable to be adopted.


The system will not prompt account B to adopt Cache 2. Instead, it will (permanently?) display a message indicating that Cache 1 was archived. I suspect that this is confusing, since usually visiting geocaching.com/adopt immediately prompts you with any pending requests.


That said: Account B can still adopt Cache 2 by typing the GC# into the textbox themselves.

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