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How do I stop wasting time trying to find coordinates?


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I've wasted over an hour trying to achieve what SHOULD be a simple and straight forward task.

I want to change the coordinates of one of my caches.


YES I have read the article:


Why is it that when I'm trying to hide a new cache, the 'Enter location coordinates' box accepts all major coordinate formats yet when you're trying to change coordinates, it only accepts in DDM?


I've been on about 5 different websites that claim it can convert decimal to DDM but the boxes on the 'Update coordinates' on Log page says that I'm moving the cache over 500ft away - I can guarantee that I am moving the cache less than 10ft away.

None of the converters on the page above do the job properly and why doesn't the 'Update Coordinates Log' section accept the SAME formats as when you're trying to hide a cache?

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For a ten foot move, you could just tweak the coords manually.  For example, if the new spot is 8 feet northeast of the current coordinates, add .001 to the latitude and subtract .001 from the longitude.  Not perfect, but close enough for such a small move.


Common errors in coordinate conversion range from math errors and formatting errors all the way to mixing up hemispheres (watch for those minus signs).


The edit screen and update log screen have not yet been modernized like the initial cache submission screen.  They still reflect Degrees/Minutes.Decimal Minutes because that's how handheld GPS units were set up when shipped from the factory.

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5 hours ago, geoawareUSA9 said:




Subtract the whole number of degrees and multiply the .DDDD by 60 to get decimal minutes.


Exactly - just learn how to do it, it's faster than trying to get a website to look it up.....

The way I taught my son, or at least got him to see the concept - the minutes is just a fraction of a full degree, the same as they are the fraction of an hour. Half and hour (0.5) is 30 minutes. 3/4 hr (0.75) is 45 minutes.

So we only need to take into account the decimal part - multiplying it by 60 gives you the number of minutes, in decimal form - ie MM.MMM. Then of course if you wanted seconds, you repeat the same process with the .MMM portion you just got, but we generally don't need to do that part....

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You could also use the "Enter solved coordinates" feature to do the conversion for you. On any cache page, by the coordinates, click the pencil:




Enter the coordinates in any format (decimal minutes; degrees & decimal minutes; degrees, minutes & seconds):




Press submit:




Then copy the coordinates beside "Change To", click Cancel, and the go change the coordinates using an Update Coordinates log.

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