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GC.com doesn't work with Firefox?


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3 hours ago, Toni_BOH said:

There are since several days great problems with firefox using your homepage. Sometimes it helps to refresh the site. Now the problem is that in firefox cards no caches are shown.

It may help the engineers if you post firefox versions, OS versions, and any screenshots you can that detail the problem.

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This was not a temporary technical difficulty. This has been a problem for the last few weeks now. In Firefox (currently 118.0.1 on Mac, but it has been updated during this time), it frequently fails to load all the data for a cache. It doesn't load the hint script, the logs, etc, and sometimes the banner is empty. Occasionally  the entire page is just blank. Forcing a full reload with shift-reload updates the page however.

It also fails to load the default map, while loading for instance the google map works.


It appears to be Firefox specific. A quick test with Safari and Chrome didn't show the same problem. (And no, I do not want to use those, I prefer Firefox for specific reasons.)

But even in those browsers the loading is quite slow and sluggish. Perhaps it's a timeout issue, and Firefox is just more sensitive to slow responses?

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