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Where can I buy those Brown Bugger containers?


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18 hours ago, BrutTheEpicMan1627 said:

So Im from SE Michigan and have been caching for 4 years now. I’ve found many caches that use those micro “Brown Bugger” containers with the screw on cap and O-ring. I want to purchase some for myself but cant find them any where! Do they go by a different name? Someone help me out here



There are a couple sizes here, sold in bulk (you get a lot of them).  0.5ml and 2ml free standing tubes seem to have the same basic form, just that 2ml has more internal capacity.  These are super tiny, but I might have to check them out again.  When I started Geocaching, I only bought a handful of similar transparent screw-type tubes, but someone was always dropping and losing the caps.  Often that was me.  But I'd try it again with more spares this time.


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2 hours ago, BrutTheEpicMan1627 said:

Thank you all for helping me out! I just didn’t realize they're so expensive for a pack of 500… I mean I really don't need THAT many, maybe just like 50, so I don’t think im ready to spend $100 on 500 tubes.


If you've seen a lot of  particular style of container, some local cacher may have a lot of them.  You might be able to arrange a trade.


Keep an eye in ebay for an acceptable deal.  I bought a box of 500 50ml tubes (about the size of a match tube or preform) for $25, and 1000 of the 1.5ml tubes as HHL posted, for $20.  I thought I'd be using the 1.5ml tubes for Swag creations, but haven't gotten around to it.  I'd hate to inflict the flip-top kind upon Geocachers as actual cache containers.


Cover a tube with a themed sticker or other camo, or conceal it well, and it doesn't matter so much if it's not brown.  And a huge box of decent-sized tubes means I always have a source for a new Micro, or a replacement, when an idea strikes.  There's something to be said for a lifetime supply. :anicute:


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