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Allow Direct Pasting Of Coordinates As A New Waypoint

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Can the new waypoint entry fields be made friendlier?  (Android App).  I copied my coordinates from some source, switched to the App, and wish to paste the coordinates:  N 33° 19.876 W 084° 25.009

So now what?


If I next go to the new Waypoint entry form, it's partially filled out already with the "Minutes" North and South.  It's awaiting the entry of "Seconds".  If I paste my coords here, it becomes this:




If I instead paste it in the Minutes, it becomes "33" in this example.  I don't see a way to use coordinates as easily as I can on several places on the web site.


Is it the intended process that I memorize the coords (or write them down), and hand-type the seconds into the proper place?  Because that also needs some love.  If I type the seconds, that is two digits, followed by the decimal seconds.  And the "." decimal dot that was previously on screen has vanished in the process!




Now I have to find the spot to place the dot, and edit my entry.  And repeat the process for longitude.


I started with exactly the coordinates I wanted, copied them to the clipboard, and next I was presented with a clumsy manual re-typing process that's prone to error.  Make a place where I can paste the coordinates!


Or display the clipboard coordinates along with "Current" and "Posted" coordinates, and allow me to fill the form with a tap.


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