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Searching nearby caches from coordinates


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I'm re-raising a question that appears to have gone dormant again. I often search for caches that are nearby to a set of coordinates (eg., I'm going to be travelling and staying in a hotel and I want to create a list of the closest caches to that hotel. Or I'm visiting a friend in a nearby town and want to know how far the closest caches are to their house). 


Currently when I enter a set of coordinates into the search box I get a list of caches sorted by the distance they are from my home location, not the coordinate location. When I create a map of this list it is sorted in the order of distance from the coordinate location (which is better), but still gives the distance from my home location. 


When this was identified as a bug back in February I believed there work being done to fix it. Is that still in the works?



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From GC.com main menu:


Click on “Play”

Click on “view map”

Enter your coordinates

Click on the “search”  (magnifying glass)


You will find all cache nearby your search coordinates


Now, save the list as PQ

Go thru the “New Pocket Query” menu and make your selection.



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Open a cachepage near your desired coordinates.


On that cachepage: select "All nearby caches, that I didn't found". The now opened list is sorted by the caches' coordinates.




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