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Why change navigation display in the APP?

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Hard agree with ROAD KILL! I most certainly do not need a pop up to inform me to "look around" the area when I get close to the cache, I need the navigation screen so I can narrow things down. In my 10 years of using it, every change they have made in the navigation display has been worse than what came before.

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Personally I really like it. 


Some observations that may help


Pull the bar up a bit more barely see the D/T details and maybe increase the distance font size.


Real issue how to report a problem. Seems to be missing. No way to file a Owner or reviewer attention requested log.


How about a write note log?


Also occasionally I've used the opem in browser option. That is also no longer present. Was this intentional? If not you could add to the three dots list at the top. 

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My fear is this quick info panel will get used so much for its convenience that it will 'train' users on the lack of cache options.  Missing log types, missing cache details... to counter it can become a kind of info creep. A quick-panel should really only provide a couple of the most common functions, not so much a condensed summary that obviously can't provide all relevant details. It turns into an 'uncanny valley' that's neither here nor there, but used to much it may as well be there.

I don't think the log types should be one-tap buttons; make it a 'log this' button with a 2nd tap to choose (from more) log types. Have a 'view details' button to view all non-terse details (including hint). etc. The quick nav panel is more about how info is presented, not always how much is presented.

A "one-click" design mentality is really only better when working literally towards speed, not necessarily simplicity. Two clicks to accomplish something, when organized and presented well, can end up with a simpler and better overall interface than everything being one-click away.  Reducing clutter doesn't have to mean removing clutter.


So I guess the point is: Is the quick nav panel intended for speed or simplicity?  If it's a mix of both, it can end up worse off and competing against the general interface.


...then ya gotta deal with 'advanced' features in the interface :P

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