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Creating an Adventure Lab - Winter conditions

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May one of the locations of an adventure lab be located where, if you get snow in the winter, it might not be able to be found to be answered.  One would of course - not that in the description.  I am live in the NE.  Am hoping to do a historical one which includes cemeteries and monuments.  One of the stones is flat on the ground so could not be seen in the winter. 


Thank you for any advice.

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I've done an adventure lab, in the snow, in a cemetery, and the stone I needed the info off of was flat, and buried under 3 feet of snow.  The final was also buried in a snowbank; it took another visit a couple of years later in the springtime before I could log the final.  I was able to google the answer for the headstone, and it wasn't till I revisited the location in the spring with no snow that I saw why I never found the answer in the snow!! 


Final: GC8Z9C5 and my log: https://coord.info/GL19JTMC9

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