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How would I create a title that has the Strike Through formatted over the words?

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for example I would like the title of the geocache to look like this Pirate Hideout


I tried creating it in the description and pasteing it to the Title field but the formatting doesnt transfer.


I tried adding <s> on either side while in the edit phase and that also doesnt work


Anyone with how to make strikethrough work in the title please?

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On 8/4/2023 at 4:11 PM, thewildroseoftexas said:

Anyone with how to make strikethrough work in the title please?

Keep in mind that any special Unicode characters (emoji, strikethrough text, combining characters, etc.) will probably not work at all for some geocachers: those who use apps/devices that cannot handle these characters. In some cases, the title will just be blank. In others, the whole cache listing (and perhaps others that follow it in the same Pocket Query) may be lost to these geocachers.

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