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  1. When hovering over the ? next to Points Remaining I see ‘logs until next favourite point: 0’. That’s either a very confusing design or bug.
  2. Thanks for the PM Max, I'd forgotten the (hidden) option of clicking on your name on the leaderboard to show the individual points. And yes, I've received some 'Signal's Labyrinth item's!
  3. I get this most times I visit Message Centre. You have to reload the page, sometimes twice, and it will appear.
  4. So no souvenir for the firefly, just 60 points? I’ve got 1645 points so far by submitting drafts, but no firefly.
  5. It seems to be a recent change, that when ctrl-clicking a link on a cache page (e.g. to geocheck.org), instead of opening the link in a new tab like every other website, geocaching.com instead displays a warning about it being an external link. If you OK that warning, the cache page is replaced by the external link, rather than opening a new tab. You can work around it by using the mouse to open the link in a new tab, but it's pretty annoying. Safari 15.4 on macOS.
  6. This is ongoing, usually involving Safari.
  7. Sounds like they’re optional — no souvenir or other memento, just some bonus points — so go find lots of caches for points instead 🤷‍♂️
  8. Groundspeak have been aware of this for more than 6 months, see also: I just give up and open Cachly.
  9. I reported the connection error back in July 🙄
  10. I’ve been getting the same error in desktop Safari.
  11. I use the same as the consensus — previous found log… but with the tweak ‘previous found log which wasn’t today’ in the case of a group finding a lonely cache. p.s. I also include archived if the container is still present. My best is 6 years, 11 months, 3 days since previous find.
  12. Every 10th page or so I browse on geocaching.com, Safari will give me ‘Safari cannot open the page because the network connection was lost.’ A refresh will load the page fine (occasionally a 2nd refresh). This is on both mobile and desktop, latest OSs. geocaching.com is the only site it happens on. Seems to be any page, including caches and owner dashboard.
  13. They also used to be restricted to megas and felt like more work for your smiley, not littering the map and collected with minimal effort.
  14. I really dislike this 2020s trend of massive amounts of white space — it chews up screen realestate and usually goes hand-in-hand with more scrolling and hiding things under disclosure controls.
  15. You can download a GPX from the cache page, open it in a text editor, and see both the IDs and their descriptions used by the cache.
  16. Macs have come with 2 button mice for more than a decade. In Safari preferences, go onto the Advanced tab, and select Show Develop menu. As well as adding the Develop menu, you can now right-click on the page and select Show Page Source. I don’t know of an easy way to show the background image, but if you go into the Develop menu and select Show Page Resources, you can see all the images.
  17. I’ve experienced this with Safari on macOS for years when viewing a cache. This is the only site which will turn the browser to molasses if a page is left open for a day. No extensions.
  18. Can you find another player in your community who has found/solved most of the caches, and ask them where there are vacant spots?
  19. Currently the Help Centre isn't clear if you need to both upload to the gallery and upload using the insert image button. Both seems redundant. Can GS clarify here and/or the help article? https://www.geocaching.com/help/index.php?pg=kb.chapter&id=97&pgid=59
  20. I didn't realise that, but just checked with our local New Zealand reviewer who said:
  21. A new device/browser I can understand, but IP addresses change all the time.
  22. Why do I have to re-OK cookie usage every month or so? It’s particularly painful on a phone, as the accept button is minuscule. Using Safari.
  23. The advantage of submitting an unpublished cache to reserve the spot, is the reviewer doesn’t have to remember about your cache every time he publishes a subsequent cache — it will appear automatically on his map. Similarly if you have more than 1 reviewer for the area.
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