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Drafts Not Clearing From App

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Here's a glitch with the app I noticed about two weeks ago and I am wondering if anyone else has noticed it.  After finding a cache, I will save a draft Found It log on the app.  Once I am back at home, I use my laptop to complete the draft log and post it.  When I did it this way, the posting of the log using the website's page would clear the draft from my app.  Up until about two weeks ago.  Now, the drafts remain in my app, as if I had never posted them.  It seems there was an update on July 2, which may or may not correlate to when I first noticed this problem.


I have Version 9.30.0 of the app on my phone, which is an iPhone 12 using iOS Version 16.5.1.


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Problem seems to still persist on 9.32.0 with iPhone 11 and iOS 16.5.1 (c) :-(

This is rather annoying, as drafts keep piling up.

PS: Both restarting the app and refreshing the list manually (dragging it down till the spinner shows up on top) didn't help either.

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Since I did an update on my I-phone, I have had a similar problem logging on my computer from drafts originally made on my I-phone. The map does not show a smiley. At least I am not the only one. Whew! Just hope the fix corrects those caches that have been entered for the last several weeks. Also, the image of the log sheet shown on my draft does not transfer to an image with the log on the computer. I did not make an image of the 59  log sheets signed on Sunday. I think that by adding an image booth verifies I was at the cache and helps the CO know who has actually been to the cache recently. There are more and more log sheets that are short signatures/stamps. 

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If you go into the app and manually delete the drafts you have already submitted from your computer, the "exclamation points" on the map will change to smileys.  It is kind of a pain, as each draft has to be deleted separately.  But it at least clears them from the app.  Again, only do this AFTER you have posted your log from your computer.


Regarding the transfer of the photo on the app draft to the website draft on the computer, I have not encountered this issue.


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I, too, am struggling with this issue.  It is becoming problematic, especially when I make a big caching run of a couple hundred caches.  I get them all logged as drafts in my phone, then complete the logs on the computer from home.  THEN, I have to spend time deleting the drafts from my phone - one at a time.  If the drafts issue can't be fixed, then I ask if the programmers could put in a "Delete All Drafts" choice in the app?  I'd be content with manually doing it, but with a single stroke rather than one at a time.  Thanks...

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This seems to be limited to iPhones and the iOS app.  I use an Android and the Android app and have not had this problem.  I log a draft in the field, then log the cache from the draft on my laptop at home at some later time.  All works as expected, except for the photo attachments added in the field, but that is another thread....


The dradfts do clear from the website and the app after logging on the computer.

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I have the same issue: I create drafts in the field and then log from my computer at home. It was working flawlessly until recently. I am running iOS 16.5.1 (c) and app version 9.32.0.


On my phone my oldest draft is 7/7/23 and the app has accumulated 317 since then (I have only 2 active as per the website). I haven't been deleting them manually as I've been waiting for a fix. Since it's been a month I decided to weigh in on the forums.


It seems this issue recurs from time to time, as there have been several threads on this same topic every year or so. I'll give it a bit more time, but I may resort to removing the app from my phone and reinstalling to try to clear the drafts. Obviously, that is a hack solution but there is no way I'm going to delete them one at a time.

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We have the same problem with the drafts ... we create them on the app and make the log entry later on another device. Unfortunately, the drafts remain on the app (and all other devices we have, like iPads ...) and you have to delete them individually (on all devices!).

We also have the problem with the photos ... we upload them right away with the draft ... they are also displayed on the other devices when creating the log entry, but unfortunately they are not uploaded with the log entry.

We hope the problems will be solved very soon !


iPhone X and XS

iOS 16.5.1

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