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  1. I posted a log with the intent to award a favourite, but forgot to tick the heart before submitting the log. I then went back to the cache page and clicked on Favourites - Add Favourite. However, instead of adding my favourite to the cache, I ended up on a list of all caches I had given favourites previously.
  2. Please see my responses, in GREEN.
  3. I have now had my new 750t a couple of weeks. There are still lots of thing to find out, but a couple of annoying things I have found are the following: - Downloading Geocaches via WiFi does not include previous logs - Refresh of the map when you are driving is often slow, and results in white rectangular areas on the screen - Zooming in or out often means that the update of the screen stops for some time and you can't see where you are - If you leave the Geocache map and try to get back, you often end up in a map zoomed out to several kms instead of the one you just left My previous GPS was an Oregon 400c and I did not have these problems (admittedly it did not have WiFi donwload).
  4. On the tab 'Pocket Queries' under 'View Geocache Maps' I have more Pocket Queries than can be displayed on one screen. It used to be possible to scroll down, but that does not work any more.
  5. I do not understand what 'locking' to a specific server time, different from reality, has anything to do with any kind of accuracy. The accurate time I enabled my cache was on my date in my time zone, nothing else.
  6. I am not sure if this is the right spot to log an error, but I have not found a better place. When enabling a cache that has been temporarily disabled, the date on the log reverts back to the server date in US, even though I have specifically changed it to the date where I am (Australia, which mostly is one day ahead of US). Could we please get this fixed.
  7. For a starter it would be good if the current e-mail notification was sent immediately as the cache was published. It happens too often that the e-mail beeps, a new cache is notified but when you click on the link the cache has already been found, sometimes even a day ago.
  8. In my preferences, I have set to use date format DD/MM/YY (which by the way is the most common date format in the world). However, on the web page where I can upload my field notes, the dates shown to ignore logs before a certain date are shown in format MM/DD/YY. Can this please get fixed.
  9. I agree, seems to be a simple thing to implement.
  10. Leave it as it is. If it should be changed in any way to get 'even' figures, go for metres, not feet or miles. There are more people in the world using the metric system than any other measuring system.
  11. What is the whole purpose of Facebook logon anyway? If you use your FB logon, which is different from the GC logon, how can it connect to GC? Will every cache I find be published for all friends on FB? Who has suggested this? I think it should be removed.
  12. That might well be the reason for my problem, since I also use more than one computer. I agree that it is very annoying. The way it is supposed to work is if you are logged in at two or more computers and you log off on one of them, it will log off all of them. I can stay logged on at home for months, but if I stop at a library and use their public computer and then log off, I will find my computer at home logged off as well. That is not the problem, since I rarely log off from the Geocaching site at home, where I have several computers which are used to log on.
  13. That might well be the reason for my problem, since I also use more than one computer. I agree that it is very annoying.
  14. When logging on to the Geocaching website you get the option to tick a box 'Keep me signed in'. However it does not work; after some time being logged on (I have not checked exactly how long) you will find yourself logged out anyway.
  15. When I get an e-mail notifying that someone has moved a travelbug belonging to me, the date for the transaction in the mail is always in the US date format, MM/DD/YYYY. In my account settings I have specified that I use the date format DD/MM/YYYY, and this works for the logs. This should be respected also in the e-mail notifications.
  16. I would suggest a system with multiple years' subscription, but with a compound discount depending on how many years you pay for, e.g. 5% for two years, 10% for three, 15% for four.
  17. I have my GPS with me almost every time I travel, which is quite frequently. I never bother to carry it in the hand luggage, but always put it in the checked luggage. Why would I like to use the GPS in the plane? I completely trust the pilots with knowing where we are and where we are going, and if I want to know myself, I can just turn on the moving map in the in-flight entertainment system
  18. I think using these kind of abbreviations is a bit sloppy and lazy. If someone has put down the effort to create a cache, which you have then managed to find, then I think the least you can do is to write something less routine-like than a code made of a number of letters.
  19. And which language should the spell checker use: American English? British English? Australian English?
  20. If memory serves me right, and others will probably confirm, there is an issue when you use both Within and From Origin options. Change the Within option to None Selected and just use the option for within the 100km from your home coordinates. I removed the 'Within Australia' clause, and that seemed to do the trick, at least according to the preview. Thanks for the help.
  21. I am new as a premium member, and have started to try to generate Pocket Queries. However the results keep coming through as 'No Results'. The selections I have made are: - Show 100 caches - Any type - Any container - That I haven't found - Terrain is greater than or equal to 1 - Difficulty is greater than or equal to 1 - Within Australia (which is where I live) - Within a radius of 100 km from my home coordinates (after saving the query the km gets changed to miles, but that should not make any difference) What am I doing wrong?
  22. I have recently bought an Oregon 400c, and have now started loading Geocaches into it. I then find that in the waypoint section there are a number of waypoints with cryptical names: PVHT0H, LNVT0H, CCVT0H etc. Are these waypoints the Geocaches I have loaded with other names, or what are they? What is the relation between a Geocache and a waypoint in Oregon?
  23. I agree. Either the postcodes should be updated correctly, or the feature be taken away. Now it is just annoying when you try to enter a postcode (in my case 2086, Frenchs Forest) and the system says 'does not exist'.
  24. 50 caches on one day sounds a far bit away from the way I prefer to do Geocaching: Enjoying the nature and the sun, relaxing from the normal workday's stress, appreciating the environment and just having fun. Why stressing like that? It is not a competition.
  25. What is the problem with having another size, nano? I have not seen any valid argument against it. It is a big difference between a 35 mm film canister, and a nano which is the size of a bullet, about 8-9 millimeters in diameter. And whoever is suggesting that it would not stop there, going to picos etc are just not serious, they are just ridiculing us who are positive to the suggestion. If they do not understand, then I will explain that there is a physical limit which makes anything smaller than a nano not possible to handle for us humans. I am absolutely positive to one new size, It will make life much easier for those who are searching, or even those who do not want to look for the small nanos.
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