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Problem with filters on the website


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Every time I open a search page in geocaching.com on my desktop, the filter defaults to "caches not found by me" and "caches I don't own".  I want to see them all, so I keep making the changes and "apply", but it only works for that viewing.  It's quite frustrating to have to change the filter every time I open a page to search.  Can this be corrected?

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2 hours ago, Pontiac_CZ said:

"Search geocache" map uses the same filters but in different defaults

No, same defaults as the serach page. Onle the Browse Map (old Map) has the default, that you can see all caches.


You can set your preferences with the GClh if you use this script. 


IMHO the filter should not hide any caches by default. We have the filter to activate it when we need it.

There is also the problem, when I want have a quick look at a cache I've already found (e.g. to help a friend), I have to change the filter. That is really annoying. 

If you want to have a quick look at a not found cache, you can ignore the smilies if you dont want to change the filter. Therefore it is better to do NOT hide any caches from the map or search (except archived of course 😉)

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3 hours ago, HHL said:

Save the filter's URL as a browser bookmark. That's what bookmarks are made for:

Well, it's one benefit of bookmarks, but I wouldn't say they're made for storing customizable form data that was sent in the querystring.  It's certainly the best workaround at this point here though. (and I absolutely do it as well having multiple commonly used search settings stored in my bookmarks)


Should a "favourite" filter setup be retained in your account as the default view though when visiting the search/map page itself? Different question, and I think there's value in it.

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On 6/27/2023 at 4:09 PM, HHL said:

Save the filter's URL as a browser bookmark. That's what bookmarks are made for:



Thanks, I didn't actually notice they store the filter options into query string.


I've created a couple of bookmars and they sort of work, just:

1) map layer always returns to "Geocaching" from others that I choose

2) zoom is not kept as well (it IS in query string but for whatever reason always switches to 14 no matter if I stored the bookmark with zoom=12 or 16)


I no longer care about 1) as I used GCLH's "Replace map layers" function and have set OSM Carto as default but it still would be neat to have Carto (mapnik)  among the map layers options for those who do not use / know GCLH.

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