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Multiple caches for one cartridge


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We have had people ask about multiple cartridges for one Wherigo ( https://forums.geocaching.com/GC/index.php?/topic/329720-multiple-cartridge-cache/ ) 
but could you have multiple whereigos for one cartridge? I'm guessing so. At least there are instances of this already out there like GC4TXF4, GC4TXFP, GC4TXHR, and GC4TXHB that run off one cartridge - a game that you can keep playing with increasing difficulty, rewarding you a set of final coordinates for each level you beat.
That was built back in 2013 and it still runs very well. Is there any issue with something similar being built today?

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The bazillion reverse wherigos out there would fall under "multiple caches for one cartridge."


An example of one that's not a reverse Wherigo is GC8GMDB and GC8GMED, and possibly other "I heart" cartridges at other hot tourist destinations.

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