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Multiple Cartridge Cache


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A geofriend and I are planning to create a Wherigo cache which involves 3 separate cartridges, the idea being to have certain zones shown in one cartridge which are hidden in others. The idea is to have people work in a group to complete said cache. Do you know if Groundspeak/Reviewers would have an issue with this?




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I don't think there are any reason why this wouldn't work. Sounds like a really cool idea. I have been trying to do something similar. If you are interested, there is a website that can be linked to a cache that requires multiple people to be present. When everyone is in the zone a message will appear. I know there are some community members who are currently working on Wherigo features that will allow for "multi-player" in Wherigo. Here is the link to the "mob cache" feature:



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Reviewers' opinions as to how to run their area differ between reviewer and whose cache is being reviewed. It's better to ask your reviewer.


From a conceptual standpoint, let's break it out. You'll have one cartridge (you'll see why in a moment), playable in one place. Players can choose which color they can't see: red, green, blue. When a red zone shows up, the green and blue players will have to guide the red player to the zone. Perhaps a blue-green zone will show up next, which will mean the red player has to guide the others to the zone. This happens many more times until everyone arrives at the final cache. Is this a fair statement to say? (Thank you to the 2013 St. Louis Game Jam for exposing me to this concept, though not in the context of Wherigo.)


If the above is accurate, you can have the teamwork attribute on your listing. From what I can tell, it doesn't go outside the geocaching guidelines. As long as your reviewer likes the area in which this takes place and approves of teamwork cartridges, you should be fine.


If/when your cartridge is published, please provide everyone a link in the forum. I like the idea and might create something like that in my area for kicks and giggles. I know where to put it, too, since I can put the whole color aspect into it.

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