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Visiting from New Zealand

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I'm a New Zealand Geocacher and I'll be spending the next few months in Sweden on buisiness. I'm living to the North of Stockholm in a sleepy town called Brottby with my finance Vida. We have a car for transport. Are there any great Swedish geocaches that you recommend I visit while I'm staying in your country? I'd love to hear what you recommend.




Tim & Vida (Nandor)

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Originally posted by nandor:

Oh my god - I can't believe I wrote finance! Vida's laughing her head off at the moment. Vida is definately not my finance - she's my fiance!


It looked like a perfectly good Freudian slip to me. icon_biggrin.gif


Beach Park, Il USA

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In Sweden you should be able to find lots and lots of fine caches I'm told - by another Dane. The Swedes themselves only count them for statistical purposes I believe. They sure as H... won't tell anyone about their caches. icon_biggrin.gificon_biggrin.gificon_biggrin.gif


Anyhow, welcome to the cooold and freeeezing north!


Virtual Regards from ArktiS


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