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  1. And the GPS was not intended to search for Tupperware under a stone as I recall.
  2. I ran across an app which can be useful for Mysterys, FTF-awards and what not. Check it out at: http://www.xnoteapp.com/ It looks nice and is easy to use. Unfortunately only for iOS so far. But you can follow the map on any smartphone.
  3. Jag kan rekommendera http://www.geocaching.se/forum/ där det är betydligt större aktivitet än här /jasy
  4. jasy


    Något sådant här kanske? http://coord.info/GC10W88
  5. jasy

    Svenska geoforum

    Jag har kopierat ditt inlägg till forumet på geocaching.se så får vi se om det hjälper
  6. Jag rekommenderar att du frågar på: http://www.geocaching.se/forum/ Sådana gömmor godkänns inte som officiella gömmor. Här finns tips från våra svenska reviewers: http://www.swedenreviewers.se
  7. jasy

    Must caches in NYC

    I appreciate all your suggestions, keep'em coming
  8. I am spending a week in NYC in mid June and would appreciate some recommended caches. Mainly in Manhattan but also both east and west of the city.
  9. Regarding the presentation: Is it OK to translate it into a local language?
  10. Man får bara de fem senaste loggarna med i en PQ. Om du kör GSAK så finns det ett macro som kan hämta alla.
  11. jasy

    unregistered cache

    Where was this cache?
  12. Or use Google Translate You have probably just accidently clicked on "Svenska" on the bottom of the page.
  13. It still seems risky to place coins in the Stockholm area. I think the problem is smaller since most cachers are more careful regarding coins.
  14. jasy

    flera acounts

    Det är nog betydligt större chans att du får svar på det svenska forumet. Speciellt om du beskriver problemet lite tydligare... http://www.geocaching.se/forum/viewtopic.p...=119079#p119079
  15. One could call your achievement awesome too, to say the least!
  16. Not a single comment on this achievement???
  17. A Swedish team have logged caches in 14 countries in 24 hours. The name of the tour was: gEUtour 2010. Is that a world record? The route: http://tinyurl.com/35gswbv
  18. Congratulations from Sweden. Now we must come back to SA to visit the new reviewer as well
  19. I'm trying to put together an event cache at the Ice Station (our local ice rink), GrandWest Casino, Cape Town, (with a few beers) in the evening of Wednesday 17 March. You should feel right at home there if you can make it! See my post in the Fynbos Finders forum. Event published http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...62-d06ebdd60844 Unfortunately we have moved on from Cape Town on the day of the event. We are in Knysna. We are in the Cape Town area 8-13
  20. We will visit SA in March and will travel by car from Cape Town to PE, and also stay a couple of nights south of Kruger Park. What is important to consider when caching in SA compared to northern Europe? Right now here Gothenburg, Sweden is a couple of decimeters of snow so the caching is somewhat on hold... /jasy (+hesy+josy_se)
  21. Skulle ju vara kul att veta vem du är, även om jag har en gissning
  22. jasy


    Idag är det dags för "den stora uppdateringen". Snacket har pågått så länge så det är ju en viss risk för antiklimax, men jag tror ändå att McB och de andra kommer att leva upp till förväntningarna. Glöm inte att det finns ett alternativ på http://www.gcbook.se
  23. Is that the demographic or geografic centre point?
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