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Do you have the oldest trackable in circulation?


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The oldest one that I've had go through my hands was Marc's Koala Georg. Originally released in May 2009 from Germany, it traveled the world for a bit before getting stuck in a cache that was archived. Sat there for three years until I accidentally resurrected the cache and released the two TB's that had been languishing.


Goerg had a simple mission - visit cache Spot the Koala in Australia and grab a photo. It had previously visited the area around 2016, but hadn't reached the target cache before heading interstate again. I live in another state thousands of miles away, so I thought I'd do the right thing, had a hunt around on various FB GC groups and find someone who was near the target cache and could take it there to complete its mission. I successfully found someone and posted it to them in Jan 2021.


Sadly, that person then kept it, wandering for year and bit, adding 64 pages of logs with "just checking in" and didn't take it to the mission cache. :cry:

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Trackables are not among my top caching obsessions and those I released early in my caching career have long since vanished. I did just retrieve Eclipse the Geo-dog, which was released 31 Aug 2011 in the Czech Republic. This lil guy has gotten around, still has its original attachment, etc. Curiosity led me to the forums in search of this very topic. Does anyone know whether the data on oldest circulating trackables are available anywhere?

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