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Yes, all modern Garmin GPSr provide this functionality.


On pushbutton models like the GPSMAP 66 series, this can be a very tedious and cumbersome exercise.


Touchscreen models like the Oregon, Montana and eTrex Touch make this process much easier.


You can log caches on the GPSr and upload them later from home on all models, while GCLive devices also offer the option of uploading them directly from the field. 


Please see GPSrChive > How To... > Geocache for additional details and examples.

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4 hours ago, Atlas Cached said:

Yes, all modern Garmin GPSr provide this functionality.

TBC, they do this by depending on a Wifi or BT connection to your mobile phone which does the actual radio connection to a tower and then to the server somewhere, right? [ Edit: See final sentence: yes, it does. ] If Geocaching Live still depends on a cell phone with a data connection, the OPs question, is that it still relies on a mobile phone, doesn't it? Presumably if there's no data connection, it'll save the log and retry until there is cell service. Maybe if you stretch the definition of "live" long enough, it can wait until it's on your home WiFi to do the actual uploads and not NEED a cell phone. [ Edit: it looks like it can be coffee shop or other WiFi. ] 

I'll admit I've been out of the geocaching (and Garmin-of-the-month) circle long enough to not be 100% on this, but I don't think there are LTE radios in these GPSes.

Edit: https://support.garmin.com/en-US/?faq=PgdsvMdRDdA3pGIEGW0JN9 says it depends on a WiFi or BT connection.

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I have a 66st and concur with the comments above

 However my experience is that to log in that manner is a pain

 The 66 will keep the ID of the find or dnf etc in its calendar 

I log when I get back usually via Cachly


Sadly the Garmin is not reliable when using BT/wifi. Sometimes it does sometimes it doesn’t. I also got duplicate logs, one via the 66 and another via phone/pc

 So I gave up

 Fwiw I recall the default setting on the 66 in the “Live log “section is ON, so change that if you go down that route


I have given up on down loading PQ via wifi. Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t. I have had it all freeze on me doing this requiring a unit reset

I follow the experts advice to put PQ on an SD card not on the main unit

 don’t get me wrong, the 66 is super and these comments should not deter you from getting one. It is just that “ Live “features do not always do “ what is says on the tin”

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