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I can't delete Geocaching Lists from my GPSMAP 66s

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I've recently bought a GPSMAP 66s and I'm hoping someone can solve this problem I'm having. I can't delete Geocaching Lists from it. They no longer appear in my geocaching.com account but they are stubbornly remaining on my 66s! I've tried a factory reset to get rid of them but to no avail. If it's any help the lists don't sync either.  A screenshot of the lists I can't get rid of is included below.

Thanks in advance




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1 hour ago, chrispt said:

I'll say this about lists on the GPSMap 66 series. They don't work like I think they should. I do know when you factory reset it doesn't delete things like GPX or GGZ. I commonly will also delete the SQL folder. Perhaps there is some lingering structure in that?


Thanks chrispt.  Interesting......Can the SQL folder be safely deleted in its entirety?  It won't mess up the functioning of my 66s if I delete it?  What is the purpose of the SQL folder?

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The answers by StefanD and Mineral2 above are correct. Thank you for helping our users.

Do note that in general, it's wise to be mindful about deleting SQL files. Garmins are kind of an exception to the rule that the database files that are visible are an OUTPUT and not an INPUT. If you deleted certain sqlite files on certain models of Magellan, they wouldn't boot again and were a real pain to recover.

In general, if you don't have trusted expert advice like you do here, it's wise to copy such things to another device BEFORE you send them to byte heaven. Even renaming them or moving them to another directory isn't always enough. Some devices aggressively hunt for necessary files. (This is why Garmins on Macs get weird if you use Finder to "trash" GPX files; the files are still present. Finder just makes a directory named .Trashes and moves the files there and Garmin actually still finds them in that hidden file. This is done so you can undelete on removable media, but it can be frustrating when "delete" doesn't actually empty space for this very reason, too.)

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