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Country souvenir of Serbia


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4 hours ago, RuideAlmeida said:


A search results only in 513 caches... so I would say to start growing your local community, placing and searching a lot more. Events are a good way to welcome new players, by instance.

Are you shure that quantities are only reason for country suvenir.

In attachment is country statistics for Serbia and North Macedonia. 

North Macedonia have Country suvenir, probbably there is something more 🤔?


Maybe is key factor nomination and wining in selection of Geocache of week? 





Screenshot_20221218_202145_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20221218_202017_Samsung Internet.jpg

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1 hour ago, dejan021 said:

Are you shure that quantities are only reason for country suvenir.


You asked what the local geocachers could do... foreign geocachers won't have caches to look for if the locals don't hide them (apart from ocasional Events).

Some small locations may have Souvenir already, because they get a lot of visits (at least more than Serbia, by instance... and other countries still waiting Souvenir).

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Country Souvenir creation has always been at the whim of Groundspeak who only released one or two a year. This in recent years has changed and now more and more Country Souvenirs have been popping up every month. I agree with RuideAlmeida. You have to grow your local community, all geocachers in your country should place and find more caches.  Host Events and welcome new players. Given time Groundspeak will see the changes to geocaching in your area and this in turn could result in the creation of a Country Souvenir. I waited several years for Hong Kong to get a Country Souvenir.

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About 1 month after this chat South Sudan got a souvenir. I see 4 caches there. One of them has no found up to now. Another had its last find 2015. South Sudan is only an example. But the mentioned arguments why Serbia has no souvenir cannot be right. There are a lot more caches and visits in Serbia compared to a lot of other countries.

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This probably has more to do with geopolitics than the number of geocaches I think. Especially the situation/independence of Kosovo (which doesn't have a souvenir either), but is seen/recognized as a separate country by most other countries now (but not by Serbia). So they are probably still in doubt/waiting until Serbia recognizes Kosovo as a country until they release a souvenir for Serbia and one for Kosovo is my guess.

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