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Today, folks, I ALMOST was able to capture the image of a lifetime.

Please bear with me, Wayfroggie, as I understand this to be somewhat off topic, but something I'm sure Waymarkers around the world would get a charge out of, on many different levels.


To start:

1 - my cat, "The Pud", as in Puddy Tat, as in "I Taut I Taw a Puddy Tat", has a Puddy Castle at one of my windows, above a heat register, and so chooses to spend much of her winter days well up on her castle, where it's warm and she can look out the window,

2 - I'm in a small city in Southern BC (Canada) which has become the habitat of many deer. Though not by any means tame, our deer have gotten used to us, as we have gotten used to them.

3 - I live in a ground floor condo, past which deer often pass while grazing, ofttimes right by my window, though I almost never find it possible to get a camera operational in time go get shots of them.


Anyhow, today a group of three or four deer made their way past my window at a time that The Pud happened to be looking the other way. I brought her attention to the happenings outside her window and she immediately went into predator mode, possibly thinking she might harvest one for dinner. She glued her nose to the window, shortly after which one of the deer did the same!


There they were, Pud and deer, nose to nose through the window, Pud so excited she couldn't control herself, deer on the other side idly examining this other creature millimetres away, completely unconcerned, yet inquisitive!!!!!!


Camera was running!!! Deer were immobile!!! If only I could get over to where a GREAT PIC was possible!!!




ALAS! the deer quickly became bored of the "Pud in the Window" and moved on, just seconds before I could have caught what may well have become the "Picture of a Lifetime".

SOOOOoooo, what I was able to get is below. In it you see the north end of The Pud gazing intently southward with her nose at the window, AND the neck and left ear of a deer, also with its nose on the window, probably wondering what on earth that thing on the other side is.




Alas and Alak! Mebbe some day!



PS - The Pud in her penthouse suite, in the absence of deer.



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On 11/23/2022 at 7:06 PM, ScroogieII said:

... The Pud happened to be looking the other way. I brought her attention to the happenings outside her window ...


Have you ever noticed how outrageously difficult it can be to direct a cat's attention in a specific direction?

Often as not, even picking them up and reorienting them fails to accomplish the task!


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